my latest addition

  1. Hi,

    Got these 2 items as early birthday gift for myself :love:


    my DH said that ergo handbag looked like it was the right size for my teddy. I said "oh not!" Today, I went and put it on her and he was holy right! :p
  2. :roflmfao: Too funny... your bear has a purse!

    Great items!! And happy early birthday!! Enjoy your presents!:smile:
  3. coach2007, I have that same wristlet and I love it! Congrats!
  4. Those are great!! I love the wristlet!
  5. Can you tell me more about the ergo???
  6. AHAHAHA... that is TOOO cute!!!
  7. nice items!
  8. I love the sig/ebony combo! So pretty. Happy birthday!
  9. I was going to do the Ergo keyfob thing with my favorite teddy bear too! It's just too cute...and helpl!!slush convinced me to get it. :heart:

    Cutee items.
  10. Cute!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  11. advance happy bday!! that bear with her purse is too cute!
  12. I love that wristlet. Super cute. But I do not use the wristlet I have now. So no new ones until I figure out how to use them.
  13. How cute is that teddy bear?!?! Love your wristlet, too!

    Happy Birthday!!!:party:
  14. Happy Birthday and cute items!
  15. So cute! I have that same wristlet (got it for PCE) and I love it!