my latest acquisition: Ouvéa Carryall

  1. well here it is, my newest fave:


    my very first not-so-conservative LV piece. just got it yesterday. quite lucky to have it, only 3 made it to Australia. none of the Ouvea Keepall or Messenger. it was :love: at first glance since the 2005 spring runway show. especially the bold chain pattern. very retro, trés chic! ;) im still over the moon! :nuts:
  2. congrats on your new LV piece!!! its really beautiful! i saw this pattern or a similar one on some wallets this evening and thought, "wow! thats cute!"
    congrats again and thanks for sharing!!!!! :amuse:
  3. Oh! WOW!

    I really love that! How cool and out of the norm! Congrats! Thats seriously chic!
  4. Congrats! It's very nice!
  5. Wow, I love it!!!! :love:
  6. Congrats! Enjoy!!
  7. I Love It!
  8. Congrat's, very nice piece.
  9. VERY nice piece!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  10. :heart: Gorgeous!!! :heart:
  11. Very nice piece and oh so rare (to come to Australia). Congrats! ^^
  12. I saw that bag in NYC at just LOVED it! It is GORGEOUS! Congrats on your new purchase! :biggrin:
  13. wow, its beautiful! ive never seen that before. congratulations deluxeduck, its a very nice piece.
  14. What a beauty! :heart:
  15. Wow, congrats! It's so gorgeous and stylish. I love it!