My latest accessories!

  1. Maybe it's because there aren't any bags I want right now except for the Damier Sophie, but I've become a lot more interested in accessories lately. I don't know why I didn't really like any of these before, maybe because I had no idea what I'd use them for. Then the more I looked at pictures of them, the more I liked them, and now, thanks to habibty and bgcutiepie00, I have them, and I know I'll be using them A LOT.

    Monogram Multicolore Coeur

    I didn't want this when it first came out because I didn't think it was as cute without the charms that the Vernis Coeur has. So I passed on it and just put my name down for the Vernis one, and then after a few months kicked myself for not getting it, since it was a limited piece.


    And here's an updated photo of my two little hearts together :love::


    Etoile Bandeau in Rose


    LVOE Bandeau in Ecru

    For the record, I absolutely HATE the word LVOE, but unfortunately that's what it's called.


    And here are my two bandeaux together:

  2. I know you will love the heart purses! I use mine to hold a few dollar bills and my lipbalm. :smile:
  3. Congrats everything is beautiful!
  4. Great purchases! Congrats!
  5. cute! congrats
  6. I love all of them! So nice.
  7. Congrats ! :yes:
  8. Gorgeous accessories! I'm so jealous of the heart purses!
  9. Awesome purchases :tup:
  10. Congrats. They looks so beautiful together. I am sure you will find a purpose for everything. Just staring at LV accessories is purpose enough!!!
  11. oooh, so pretty! congrats! are you going to tie the bandeaux to your hair or bag?
  12. I love your vernis purse, the colour is so gorgeous. And your new bandeau is so pretty!
  13. love the rose bandeau!~
  14. I love everything, especially the etoile bandeau, I want it!:smile:
  15. thanks everyone! :biggrin:

    i'll be tying them to my bags, but i think if i wear my hair in a ponytail i can wear them as big hair bows :lol: