My late Xmas present from my fiancee!!

  1. OMG so I totally thought that I was done with my Xmas gifts (all LV and Tiffanys, LOL) from my fiancee, but the day after Xmas he took me and bought me my own quad!!!! :yahoo:

    I am soooo excited! We just got back from the Buttercup Sand Dunes in California... it was so much fun!!

    Does anyone else ATV on the forum??:heart:
  2. no.

    but it was awfully sweet of him!

    hehe. and who doesn't enjoy recieving stuff from tiffanys?
  3. oooh quads scare the bejeezus out of me! but i've been duning in a jeep and that was super fun, so i can imagine. i'm glad you're so excited!! yay for SOs that know what we like, eh? :smile:
  4. LOL We have two ATV's but we never use them. They were out at my Parents In Laws country home but now we have them and we have no place to use them. LOL We sometimes ride them around the neighborhood. I am sure the neighbors LOVE us! LOL
  5. I went ATVing in Hawaii and it was scary! It was fun, but there were times when the road got so bumpy/steep, I hardly had control of the thing and I almost flew off :sweatdrop::roflmfao:
  6. LOL ATVs scare me too...I just putt around on mine and watch everyone else do the dangerous stuff!!

    There was a girl we were riding with who flipped her bike over and it RAN OVER her was sooo scary...turns out she just sprained it though!!