My Late reveal. First time reveal on TPF and some Chanel art ;)

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  1. Hello fellow chanel-holics!! Thanks for letting me share my humble Chanel family of two.

    My first was the Chanel Jumbo with gold hardware and my second ( and my daily casual bag ) is the Chanel Maxi siver hardware.

    Next I am getting a must-have woc!! Maybe a quilted silver or white one>? or back...ahhh decisions decisions.:biggrin:

    I have included a link to my art work , since i have a passion for fashion and art. Hope you enjoy. Again, thanks for letting me share

    Feel free to follow me on instagram, see shop for details..



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  2. oh and if u like anything , enjoy 30% off for my tpFrs : TPFLOVE

  3. Gorgeous flaps you have there and what amazing work you do!
  4. Thank You so much halunfishie !! Looking forward to sharing my future art and reveals on the forum.
    I should do a chanel camelia illustration. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to share
  5. Congrats on your gorgeous classic flaps and your art work is really amazing!!!
  6. Lovely collection and lovely art :smile:
  7. Thank You MaryJoe84 and SouthTampa :heart::Partyhat::tpfrox::catlick:
  8. Gorgeous!!!
  9. Beautiful bag and beautiful artwork! Love it :smile:
  10. Your artwork is really nice, love the painting of the rhino in particular.
  11. Love your art work & your bags!
  12. Beautiful !!!
  13. Thanks calilea, peachcordial, Makenna, MyLuxuryDiary , :ty:

    Thank You Nico_79 for your kind words xoxo loving the feedback and tpf!!

  14. Congrats on your lovely bags; great classics. Pretty artwork.
  15. Congrats on your flaps, nice artwork :smile:)