My late post --> End of the year purchases 2006 <--


Jan 10, 2006
Sorry for the late post of my last years stuff. I was waiting for a couple of more items to come... but I was bored out of my mind and decided just go ahead and post my new babies now. :yes:

Here are my end of the year purchases for 2006... ready?? :graucho:

:yahoo: :wlae: :party:
I had the BH and didn't love it so I sold it a while ago. So instead of getting the same bag again... I got the BV. I really like this style better.

I have been lusting over this bag... FOREVER! I decided just to go for it and got it! =) But it's just sitting in the closet right now because Oregon sucks and it will not stop raining for me to use her!

These two are thanks to LV_addict, please rest assured that they have a new loving mommy! In fact I took the mandarin speedy out today and I saw so many people eyeing it! I :heart: it!


Oooh, lovely! :drool: What a way to end the year!!! You should show us modeling pics!!! :graucho:

Hehe, I was telling someone else that get tense and scared when someone asks me this. Sorry I am VERY camera shy! :crybaby: Hope you understand!

Just for giggles though... this is a candid picture of my sister:

<-- LOL she was scratching her head!

And it's my son's favorite too, he was carrying it around like it was his! It must be the blue?