My late night Nordstrom anniversary sale haul...part 1!

  1. Ruched leather gloves....:drool:


    high waist pencil skirt:
  2. ...and circa joan & david black suede oxfords...

    Oh boy I'm just getting started!! :sweatdrop:
  3. Nice stuff gal!
    I just ordered a DVF WRAP DRESS-actually it just came on sale , not the Norsdtroms ann. sale-I've been waiting for it to go on sale-its the chocolate graphic spa print .I also picked up a wrap silk charmuese top in purple, lovely, at the anniversay price!-
  4. Uh oh! I'm waiting for part 2.
  5. I, too, just wrapped up my Nordstrom online shopping spree, which included among other things the same Joan & David oxford pumps above (in gray, black and brown!).

    The rest of my haul included:
    7FAM skinny jeans (which I will have cropped into capris)
    7FAM Dojo wide-leg jeans (although I am a skinny jean fan)
    Habitual skinny jeans
    Fila cropped workout pants
    A bunch of undies and five cropped Spanx tights
    DK Sport Bra
    Laundry gray flannel long shorts
    Alice & Olivia cropped black skinny pants
    And 12 pairs of shoes/boots (no kidding!)

    I didn't find a single top that I was crazy about. There were several coats I liked, but whenever I buy coats I rarely ever wear them. I finally learned not to buy them.
    Overall, I think the sale is only OK. Other years have been better. I went to Nordstrom last week for the pre-sale selection and ended up not ordering a single item. I was a complete waste of time. They "sold-out" of several items that were in the sale catalog BEFORE the pre-sale even ended. I walked out fuming!

    Well anyway, I hope you enjoy your haul!
  6. Yeah, I'm not really impressed with this year's sales selection. That sucks that they didn't have anything left for you! I fear I may end up in the same boat. During the pre-sale I actually ordered 2 jackets, a juicy sweatsuit, handbag, and cute Free People top, but my SA told me that not everything may be there for me since they just write down what I want and then place the order on Friday (today), as opposed to actually CHECKING to see if everything is available first before ordering for on my behalf. Yeah, totally sucks.

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that orders skinny jeans and then crops them! :p
  7. I scored this little number on the way to work this morning!!! Plus some MAC brushes and the Laura Mercier Shimmer collection, with the nice bronze metallic cosmetic bag. Can you say "Feeding Frenzy"???
  8. Love that jacket pseub

  9. Thanks! I love that gray is really in this season; it's a great versatile neutral.
  10. verrrrry nice, pseub! I also pre-ordered a Lori Bonn necklace from the snow quartz line...kinda looks like this:


  11. ITA!!
  12. wow, hat's off to your haul, shoeangel! Bummer on the presale selling out :confused1:.
  13. great hauls.. Ladies. Maybe I should head over to Nordstorm tonight.
  14. Pretty!
  15. Those gloves are nice!