My late, but still special Valentine's reveal :)

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  1. I normally don't do reveals, but I just had to share this because it's the first Coach item that my SO has picked out for me all by himself! He's treated me to Coach shopping sprees and gift cards before, but I never thought he would ever go into the store and pick something out himself :nuts:

    For my Valentine's gift, he was planning to take me to the outlet and let me pick a few things out. However, he's been uber busy at work lately and could only take me on the weekends (but I avoid weekend outlet shopping like the plague!). So instead, he suggested getting me a gift card so I could go shopping whenever I like.

    So there I was on V-day, expecting to open a small rectangular brown box with a gift card in it...but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my eyes (he always makes me close my eyes before placing a gift in my hands lol) and saw this....

    Sorry, the pretty red ribbon was missing when I took this pic. Stay tuned to see what's in the box :biggrin:
  2. ooo please show!
  3. YAY!! A live one!! Let's see...
  4. I'm here and I can't wait to see what you got. What a nice SO you have.
  5. Show us, show us
  6. I want to see! (hehe I'm in class right now.. on TPF)
  7. I cant wait to see what it is!!!
  8. I won't make this too suspenseful lol.
    Here it is...a Penelope wristlet! But wait, there's more! :nuts: I just have to finish resizing and hosting. Give me a couple minutes ;)

  9. Oh I made it, love the wristlet!
  10. Inside the wristlet....a Coach gift card! :yahoo: Wristlets sure make excellent gift card holders! ;)
    My SO said it was hard picking something out because I have too much Coach and he was worried that he'd get something I already had LOL. So he asked the SA to show him all the newest wristlets. It just makes me melt to picture him in there trying to find something nice for me :cloud9:
    I'm not sure what to get with my gift card yet, but I'm planning to head to the outlet tonight after work. Wish me luck! :biggrin:

  11. Aww how sweet =)
    Good luck at the outlet! Post some pictures and show us what you get!!
  12. How sweet to wrap the card in a wristlet!! Good luck and happy hunting!
  13. That's so sweet, congrats on both! Can't wait to see your reveal from the outlet.
  14. The outlets will get a new Penelope floorset next week so maybe you can get a big sister for your wristlet!
  15. very cute! love it