My Lastest Favorites!!!!!!

  1. Hi just want to share my new items, Last saturday went to the shop and bought these home.

    I choose the Pearl Sunset coz the it leave no fingerprint. I use it as the bag when I out for dropping my kid at school, daily use and wallet (the strap can be take it out)as well.
    When I go to shopping mall, I put it in my damier speedy 25 (a bit big but it can go in my speedy 25)
    Now, I really :heart: the sunset even think to get it in Amarante for night out as well.

    Azue Speedy 25 is a long time :heart: (wait for the bag and my fund available)

    Fluer key ring is :heart: at first sight

    Also get the Yack (black notebook bag)with strap for DH sorry no pic for that coz he's on o/s trip so pic later. It cames with the big box, it's the biggest box lv I ever have eiei so here is the pics
    Resize of DSC05668.JPG Resize of DSC05669.JPG Resize of DSC05672.JPG Resize of DSC05673.JPG Resize of DSC05675.JPG
  2. Here is the yack if anyone wondering and DH like that bag :graucho:

    pic from
  3. Gorgeous purchases, congrats! I hope you get the amarante sunset too :p
  4. They're all beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Yea! I just got the Amarante in Vegas! The perle is fabulous with the Speedy 25; I'm using my azur 25 today, didn't think about putting sunset inside... looks like we have the sames tastes! congrats!!!
  6. :tup:i love the sunset...its lovely
  7. Veronika how do you find the amarante sunset with the fingerprint ? a lot?

    thanks for the sweet words girls
  8. very very nice...congrats!!!
  9. very nice sunset, perle is beautiful.
  10. Hey Krtty, I just got it a few days ago, so I haven't used her yet... she's just sitting on my loveseat, tucking me in at night. But, I hold her and try her on, and the fingerprints don't bother me, but I'm not really an anal person.... It comes with its own cloth just to clear the fingerprints. I've never used it, even though I keep picking her up to see if the fingerprints bother me.... but, not so far. I do love the bag though, and really love to hear how you use your perle inside the azur, I bet my amarante will be great inside my ebene mini lin.... congrats on your beauties!
  11. Your amarante will easily go into
    the Mini Lin I bet!!!

    Ohhh haven't thinking about to put my perle in Azur speedy 25 great idea thanks a lot :smile:
  12. Lovely LV! Congrats!
  13. Adorable items! I love the fleurs keychain and the sunset together! Your hubby's new bag is crazy nice too!
  14. Congrats! They are all lovely.
  15. Very beautiful congrats.