My Last Spring Purchase Botkier Carlton Short Hobo

  1. This is it for me this Spring. After the Kooba Charlie and Nina come, and the pre-order Tano, I decided to get this bag and call it quits for awhile. When I first saw this bag I thought it was quite strange looking, and then the more I looked at it, I fell in love with it. Then I couldn't find it anywhere. My eBay seller who finds me Everything said they aren't bringing it back in the Fall and he can't acquire it. So...I grabbed up the Sorry25 Code for 25% off AE, and went for it. I really liked it in Sand but it can't be found except for the Botkier site at full price (685.00).

  2. Nice!!! Enjoy her!
  3. You sure have the eye for finding some cool looking bags. I really like it...good choice!
  4. Cute! I'm a little skeptical about the whole last purchase of the season thing though... Really Lexie? You know, some of us live through your purchases! Now we're gonna have to buy our own! OH WAIT, that's not necessarily a bad thing - More bags for me!!! :biggrin:
  5. I like it Lexie. Did you get it in the black as pictured?
  6. I like it too! Good choice and enjoy!
  7. It is really beautiful. I especially love the gold medallion.

    Maybe we all should just buy one bag each a season and mail them in a circle to a dozen different members of the clan. Every two weeks we all mail a bag to the next person on our list and Walllaaaa!...we all get a new bag to carry for a couple of week.

  8. Kind of like Bag, Borrow, and Steal...except we bag it, mail it, and enjoy it for a lot less money! Sounds like a plan!:yahoo:
  9. Bag it, Mail it & Enjoy it!

    I am copyrighting that's great. *s
  10. cute! that bag rockin'!
  11. can't live vicariously through my purse buying! You gotta get your own "problem" going. I have a closetful of my own! And is that you in your avatar. If so, you are as cute as a button!

    Yes, I got black. It was the only choice for the short hobo on AE. They had a long one in Sand but I'd lose an arm in that bag.

    Oh, and worry about the last Bag of the season thing. After all SUMMER is almost here! LOLOLOL

    I love the Purse Chain Mail idea. Better than getting recipes or Friendship cake, or Novena's said for you (I'm not Catholic and have no idea what a Novena is but I have gotten mails that offer them in a chain mail type thing).
  12. ^Yep Lexie, that's me. Thanks for the compliment! I had to take advantage of my good hair day on Fri, cause Lord knows it only cooperates once in a while...

    Oooh, trust me, I've got my own little problem. 4 bags since January, when normally I buy 1 every 6 months! No complaints though!!!

    I won't live vicariously through your bags anymore... I promise... :whistle:
  13. Love your bag !
  14. *is going to live vicariously through Lexie's bags anyway*
  15. I am tagging along too.