My last reveal until April! Let the ban begin!

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  1. So since I joined TPF I have done nothing but buy Vuitton! I decided for my bank account's sake, I need to go on a little hiatus from shopping. Here is my last item until I get my new Cosmic Flowers Tote in April.

    I went into the boutique today to get something repaired and realized that I needed this. I'll go into more details once I get a couple of guesses!

    Here it goes! :yahoo:

  2. What is it??
  3. :nuts:
  4. Here's a little peek!

  5. Pomme ZCP???
  6. LOL your such a bad girl!! I am sooo glad we don't live close to each other lol we would be a bad influence on each other!!
  7. Which LV do you shop at?
  8. Good job, beljwl!! It's my new wallet, the zippy coin purse! I dropped off my Sarah for reglazing (I bought the last one they had in my store a few weeks ago so now it's just getting a tiny flaw fixed) and I realized that I didn't have a good enough wallet while my Sarah was away! I just had to get the pomme to match the inside of my new Damier Neverfull!

  9. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  10. what a lovely zippy!! LOVE it
  11. Pomme is really a luscious color!
  12. I shop at the one at the Beverly Center. I made friends with the manager and the leather goods manager after calling and complaining about one of their associates being rude (kind of a bad way to meet a SA but whatever!). They are always so nice to me and make sure I get treated really well whenever I visit :biggrin:
  13. Congrats !!

  14. Yeah, I have had some pretty bad shopping experiences at the Bev Center. I usually go to Rodeo.
  15. Congrats, and let the ban begin for me too!