My 'last' reveal of 2016

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  1. Anybody up for an reveal this lovely wednesday? I got a little bonus from work and thought "well enough is enough time to buy that bag i cant stop thinking of"... But this is hopefully my last bag purchase of this year.

  2. I'm here waiting
  3. Love that grey dustbag

  4. Hmmm a lily? I'm stick around to see what it is
  5. Yes a Lily! A Metallic Mushroom Mini Lily


  6. Congrats. Adorable little bag. Love MM! 😀
  7. Beautiful! Enjoy her ️
  8. Took some ugly *** mod shots, Im 163cm and well... Too many kg.

    On the Shoulder


    As a tiny tiny bag
  9. Just curious but does your phone in it? I like the lily mini but am afraid that an iphone doesn't fit in it

  10. Yes, i have an iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly in the bag but you cant have a phone Shell on. I was thinking of taking a photo but i cant cuz i do it with my phone :smile: there are some pictures on Google showing iPhone 5 and 6 in the bag:

  11. Congrats. Lovely little lily. They look adorable in this colour and it looks great on you. :cool:
  12. Aah great! Thank you ️
  13. Very cute bag and looks great on you😃
  14. You wear her well. I like it crossbody especially. Congrats, it's a fab colour.,