My "last" purchases of the year are "firsts" in my collection

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  1. Hi all!

    I wanted to share the last goodies of 2006 with you.:nuts:
    All firsts for me....
    My first epi, first blue bag ever, first Noe style....Ms. Epi Toledo blue Petit Noe.
    My first MC ever, in black, to accessorize this bag including my first agenda which I will give a go at using as a wallet.
    All were previously loved and super buys except the cles purchased new.
    Also some modelling pics.
    Thanks for looking! :yes:
    Oh, I used flash and non flash on the blue to show the color in different lights.
    I decorated Ms Toledo for Christmas!

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  2. Modeling pics....

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  3. wooohoooo congrats! Amazing what a difference the flash makes! I love how you turned them into a holiday pic LOL
  4. Wowee! Congratulations! Aww, you're making me want an epi petit noe! Hehe...and the MC is really pretty (MC is really starting to grow on me...perhaps I should get a cles...).
  5. lovely lovely! didn't think i'd like the black mc but you're accessories are so cute. congratulations!
  6. congrats! cute accessories, love the blue on the noe!
  7. Everything is gorgeous.. I love your room its so feminine. :flowers:
  8. They are just fabulous! All in great condition! You look beautiful!
  9. Congrats, Michelle! It looks great on you.
  10. YEAH!! I love that blue. It's gorgeous! I also love your black MC! It's all so lovely!
  11. Thanks all.:flowers:
    I'm running out now to dinner, and I'll check back later....
    I :heart: tPF!:yahoo:
  12. LOVES EM!!!! And, the modeling pics YAY!!! the black MC looks so beauteous!

    I don't have a tree, so you have me a great idea, I can decorate my LV, I have a large Mandarin Noe, she'd look great wrapped in garlands,,, the Noes have that Christmas tree kinda shape.... Good IDEA Michelle!
  13. WOW Michelle, those are all pre-loved? They look so new-You're so lucky to find them! You look fabulous in your modeling photo's!!! Congrats!!!!! :smile:
  14. Wow , congrats!!! Love them all!!!
    I love your black MC items, they look so nice together.Enjoy!!!
  15. Aawww...Everything goes together SO BEAUTIFULY and PERFECTLY...Excellent choices, Michelle! I had been waiting for these pics for a while and they exceeded my expectations! I'm a sucker for other people's pictures of LV...I love to admire them...especially yours...You have SUCH wonderful taste and ability to put things together in the most delicious way!!!:love:

    CONGRATS, babe!!!:yes: