1. I was at Coach a couple days ago and i could not take my eye off the Miranda bag. Its such a classy bag, so I gave in to temptation and bought it. I think its one of the best bags ever. Here are some pics
    Miranda 1.jpg Miranda 4.jpg Miranda 5.jpg
  2. Congrats! I bought the Bordeaux Miranda yesterday.. but I have to wait until they ship it to me to show it off!! I agree, it's one classy bag!
  3. BEAUTY! I LOVE the Bordeaux but the black looks great on this bag too. Love the white stitching against the black leather....:tup: If only I liked big bags...:confused1: Enjoy her!!!!
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats.
  5. Yeah!! Welcome to the Miranda Club!! I have her in Bordeaux and I love this bag so much!!! I don't even mind the heaviness!!! :heart:
  6. yeah I was a little surprised about the heaviness, but i'll get over it
  7. gorgeous bag!
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. She's beautiful! I patted one just like her today ... enjoy!
  11. gorgeous! the miranda is truly stunning! are you on a ban for the rest of the year now? lol, i think i have enough to make one or two more coach purchases, before i ban myself until january 2008. congrats!
  12. Congrats! It's a beauty.
  13. Beautiful!! I doubt its your last we still have along time till the year is over.:p
  14. Beautiful bag! I love it in black. Congrats!
  15. gorgeous purchase!