My Last Purchase for 2018

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  1. 63240CCA-6210-4322-9C5A-6682E09126DC.jpeg Just bought this small bag in Dahlia colour. Loves the colour. Used to have a similar pre-loved bag in another colour but sold it and regretted it. So bought this new one and falling in love with it again. This bag though small but can carry lots.
  2. Congrats on your purchase! I used to have one in Mallow too and rehomed it as the color did not work for me. Nifty bag which really fits a lot.
  3. Congrats! I’ve always thought this was a cute bag, but the strap is too short for me. Although, I think it would work with the chain of the Disco to use as a crossbody... enjoy it!
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  4. Congrats! Dahlia is a unique color - hope you gets lots of use of this small but spacious beauty...
  5. It will. I tried it before with mine. @grietje too.
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  6. Any pictures of that? I had never thought about this bag before but with a long strap it might be great. Does it hold the same as a nodini?

    My reveal here, where I shared mod shots of using it with the Disco chain, doubled up. A BV lanyard works too. Even a strap from other brands works so long as the hardware is small enough to go through the clasp and hoop. As the width is wider for this small iron, it holds more than the nodini. Page 3 of my reveal shares how a Taiwan blogger uses the strap in multiple ways. I will totally recommend it. It is a very functional bag and with the detachable handle, offers more carrying options.
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  8. Thank you!
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  9. You are welcome. Looking back at WIMB of the thread, I realised it fits my big water bottle within. That is a winner of a bag!
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  10. Wow! I didn’t realize it was that big! These are great mod shots, thanks!
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  11. Most happy to share. It looks rather big on me as the leather was new and not broken in yet. I did try on a broken in one at the boutique and it is so smooshy and comfy on the shoulder. A joy to use. One of those fuss free, grab and go bags.
  12. Thanks for all your replies. I ordered a sling/crossbody leather strap from Esty which I hope can be used on this small bag. I prefer the iron bag to pillow bag, had one recently but sold it away as I find it too small for my needs even when traveling, can’t hold much at all.

    The strap for the iron bag can be worn on the shoulder comfortably for me, especially when the leather has seasoned over time. This bag is a joy to carry.
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  13. Love the color of your bag!! Enjoy her :smile:
  14. All this chat about the Iron coupled with the direction BV is going is making me hungry for another Iron bag.

    It is a fabulous little bag that holds a ton!

    What is the color ancient gold like?
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