My last purchase before my trip in April **PICS**!

  1. Here is my new Black Epi Ségur PM!!! :yahoo:

    Seeing it again and actually holding it in my hand reminded me of why I fell in love with this bag in the first place :love: It's larger than I remembered it to be...but it's the PERFECT size for the amount of stuff that I carry with me nowadays. It really only holds my cell, cles, accordeon wallet, large tube of lotion, and Coach makeup case with lots of little items in it (eye drops, lip gloss, mirror, pill case, Swiss army knife, lip balm, etc) but if I take out the makeup case there's lots of room left.

    The bag is so amazing, it's probably the classiest bag I have in my entire LV collection. I kinda want it in red as well (after Pomme d'Amour the colour is really growing on me. I recently purchased some red shoes that look soooo much like LV Balmorals but are not actually Balmorals--don't hurt me!!! No matter what, I can't afford or justify spending over $600 on a pair of shoes that will break my heart if I get them dirty :crybaby: I wanted the mini lin flats that Sandra has...but they're way over my budget, I think my most expensive pair of shoes cost me $150) but the black is so subtle and chic.

    Here are pics! (More in Visual Aids)


    seg7.jpg seg8.jpg seg9.jpg seg3.jpg seg4.jpg
  2. awesome!! that bag is SO cute!! congrats!!!!!
  3. congrats! it looks soooo elegant!
  4. Congrats!! Looks great on you fellow small bag fiend :biggrin:
  5. Love that bag! Very cute.
  6. Looks great! Congrats!
  7. Congrats, it looks so good on you ... it is a very classy bag!
  8. I love that! I have never seen that style before, it looks great!
  9. Yay for our sweet karman!!!:drool: It looks sooo good on you!!!!
  10. that is beautiful= is it the smae size as the jasmin?
  11. Such a gorgeous, classy bag. I love it! Congrats!
  12. So classy, congratulations! BTW, I love your top, you look great!
  13. I LOVE the bag! Wishing the straps were just a little longer for the shoulder!
  14. Congratulations! I want the Segur sooooo badly! I'm thinking of the PM in red and the MM in black. I'm actuallly going to buy the Segur MM on Saturday to wear to a party Saturday night.

    Your new bag is really lovely!
  15. Such a classic.
    BTW, I like the shirt you're wearing. Do you mind sharing where you got it from? =P