My last purchase before my CL ban....modeling pics

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  1. Here is my last CL before my ban. I never thought in this lifetime that I would spend 1K for a pair of shoes. The moment I saw these at NM, I wanted them. I was :drool::drool: over them. After paying a hefty price for these, I definitely have to take some CL time off. :girlsigh:

    Introducing my python Fontanete......What do you think, was it worth it?

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  2. They're beautiful shoes for sure! I saw them at my NM today and fondled them:drool:
  3. oh gem, they are stunning!!! They look fabulous on you. Congrats and enjoy them
  4. ooooooooooooooooooooooo
    My friend just got these too!!!
    TOTALLYYY worth it!!!!!!!!!!
    mmmmmmm------- they look great!
  5. ^^^Gem those are TDF, I have been lusting after them for a while. They look great on you they look like a perfect fit. Congrats they are sooo worth it
  6. Gem, those are gorgeous! They definitely stand out!
  7. What a great pair of shoes!! Congratulations!
  8. :drool::drool: No, I think you should just send them to me:graucho:
    Are you KIDDING ME!!?? They look wowza on you!!!!!:okay:
  9. gorgeeeeeeeous!
  10. They are gorgeous, gem! Enjoy them! I was so wishing that Saks would've had these mispriced instead of the Privititas.
  11. They're beautiful! Congrats... :woohoo:
  12. They're absolutely gorgeous!
  13. yup it is totally worth it~!!! :love:
    How do they run TTS?
  14. gem...OH. MY. GOD. Those are totally worth it! They look amazing. Just like Wantmore said, I really wish Saks had mispriced those instead of the privattas!
  15. WOW these just look absolutely great against your skin tone! BEAUTIFUL! Worth every penny- CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: