my last one for awhile

  1. yeah right, i can hear some of you ladies say, but really it will be b/c i need to stop and appreciate and USE my hermes bags now!! i've been a little MIA on tpf, but not with Hermes, so for your viewing pleasure, i give you my new 30cm etoupe birkin, clemence with PH. it's an unusual color, i have to kinda get used to it, since i do wear bags with more color, but i thought it a nice alternative to when i wear outfits with a lot of color and don't want a loud bag. plus it's a good color for when the kids are around.

    (sorry for the dirty mirror and mismatched PJs! i've been MIA for a reason! been too busy to even match my pajama tops and bottoms!)
    Etoupe30cm.jpg EtAction(sorta).jpg Closeup1.jpg Closeup2.jpg
  2. Ooh, I love this color! It's a great alternative when you're tired of black, gold, and more black and gold! lol.

    You'll have to post some modeling pics with different color outfits so we can see how the etoupe blends, pretty please! Thanks for posting.
  3. I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: this color!!!

    Does the grey undertones show up nicely in Clemence?

  4. LOVE IT! I think etoupe in clemence especially is simply FAB! Congrats!
  5. The color is LUSH!!! Good luck with the whole..."last one for awhile":winkiss: :winkiss:
  6. Congratulations, she is gorgeous ! I love her ! :heart:
  7. A beauty!!! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!!! You have a fabulous collection of H bags...another beautiful addition...
  9. Congrats babyhart!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    She is a beauty!:love: :love: :love:
  10. Very beautiful, Babyhart! I just saw this color today and it's so gorgeous!!!!
  11. Beautiful color!!! Congrats !
  12. Babyhart- she is beautiful!!! It's a beautiful color for spring and summer!
  13. This colour keeps growing on me. What a wonderful, go with everything bag! If you are gonna stop for a while, you won't need much else in the meantime!

    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  14. The color is soooooooo beautiful.... I might put this on my wish list as well.. :p
  15. Gorgeous!!! Congrats babyhart!