My last Mulberry

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I can't believe I've actually said these words :nuts:

    But thanks to the lovely Jenova and her supersleuthing skills I am now awaiting my final Mulberry which is....

    The lovely a4 roxanne tote in oak :yahoo:

    I have had a good look at my handbag acquisitions and have bought 6 Mulberries in the space of 3 months and have decided that this is more than enough for me so on that note I thank all of you for your magnificient support and help to find those bargains and to get bag advice but this is the end of the road for me for 2009 (had to put a clause in there didn't I!), I am truly on that sofa, and I mean it :nuts:

    Here's a special thank you to:

    Flossie for being so helpful, generous and kind
    Ditab for keeping me in the loop when trying to find bags
    Jenova for taking the time to seek out a bag I wanted
    KLP for enabling me so much LOL :P You have been really lovely to chat with
    Mini - I've really enjoyed your posts, hope you get out and about in Europe soon
    Hulahoop, for always being on the lookout for me, thank you so much
    Aly, Orkney, Flyvetjo for making the forum so fun
    Shopaholic - you have been fun to chat with and so kind to me too
    Bagcrazy - thank you for everything, for the time you take to authenticate, this forum wouldn't be the same without you!
    Salikons - my bag buddy, love your strong words of advice and of course your bag collection!

    I know I'm probably forgetting loads of people, sorry only got minimal sleep last night! Reason why I putting out messages is I need to get away from this forum or else I won't be able to keep myself on the bag ban couch but hope to lurk once and a while to see how you are all doing.

    Thanks everyone, it's been great getting to know you all :yes:
  2. Maplecottage - What a wise woman you are. I hope the sofa is comfy and that you manage to restrict yourself to 'lurking'. Best wishes.
  3. Maplecottage - Good Luck, I have enjoyed reading your posts xx
  4. Oh! We're gonna miss you around here - make sure you lurk! We'd like to see photos of your new A4 Oak Tote before you disappear though.

    Anytime you want to get your bottom off the sofa and need enabling - let us know!:hugs:
  5. we sure gonna miss you. visit us sometimes please.
  6. Congrats on your A4 Maple!! Can't wait to see pics.
    Please stop in every now and then. Keep that sofa warm for all of us!! Best wishes!
  7. Sounds like you have had a busy 3 months buying your gorgeous bags.

    I hope you can pop on now and again to say Hi, we would love to see you.

    Pop on and show us pics of your Roxanne A4 tote when it arrives...pretty please
  8. Congrats on your a4Roxy, Maple. Hope you pop in now and again.

    It's a pretty good feeling, not lusting after any more bags because you like what you already have. I'm pretty close myself (probably also the reason why I'm not on as much these days).
  9. maple- good to get to know you, please continue to post, i promise not to try to enable!!!!!
  10. Sounds like you got your dream bag, all the best hope u enjoy her xxxx
  11. Maple you are a sweetheart . Are you returning to the big wide work world soon ? Please stop by whenever you can . Love and best wishes, Flossie
  12. Congratulations on finally tracking down your oak tote. Please post some pics before you go.
    I really hope you'll continue to drop in & see us all as you've been a great person to have around.
    I think there's going to be a few of us not buying in 2009 so you won't be alone!
  13. Hope you decide to stick around and post pics or just lurk when your A4 tote the very least to see my new purchase! You have been a wonderful addition to the forum and a very yummy mummy, enjoy your mulberries x
  14. Aww Maple please don't go! :crybaby:
    I'm really happy for you on getting your A4 tote, congrats you deserve it :yahoo:
    (did you manage to get a good deal on the bag) :graucho:

    Have really enjoyed your posts and hopefully you'll be back before to long - as i will be joining you on the sofa!
    Don't forget to post modelling pics x
  15. Noooooooooo..... :sos:Jenova, you've got to delay the A4 tote. We can't let Maple go. This is tragic. Maple don't leave us. :shocked: Hang around and help us out here. You're part of the Mulberry gang and such fun. :cry: