My last minute sighting and someone get it!!!

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  1. Dear Ladies,

    I wish I could buy them all, but REALLY I can NOT buy anymore until I get my 2 Birkin, Hermes....

    So, I hope someone from the forum gets these:

    Ms. Karen at NM just told me she has:
    - Pouchette, Coral, Bone (in lamb)
    - Med class, Pink, Camel, Bone
    - Bowler bag, Light Green, Pink, Bone, Black (all in cavier)
    - Camboon camera bag, black w/Silver CC (she say this could be a limited Ed.)?!

    She can be reach at 973-912-0080

    Someone get it and pls. post your pictures so we may share your JOY!!!

    Good Luck!!!
  2. no coco cabas?