My last LV (maybe...)

  1. Here she is.
    A christmas/birthday gift from my boyfriend.

    Can anyone guess?
    Picture 048.jpg Picture 049.jpg Picture 050.jpg Picture 051.jpg
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Suhali Le Fab?
  4. i wish, my boyfriend is so against buying purses but he knew i wanted this for so long.
  5. :jammin:......
  6. ok i can't wait anymore..

    here she is.
    Picture 052.jpg Picture 053.jpg Picture 054.jpg
  7. Congrats! Nice collection you got there!
  8. very nice! :tup:
  9. IT'S GORGEOUS!!! Wow, what an amazing collection you have!
  10. My dream baggg! Love your color combo congrats:heart: And I really like your collection too, seems well-rounded!
  11. i really wanted the mc trouville in white, but the stores were sold out and also i was worried of the hardware scratching on the bottom and the handles we're too short so this was a great and even better alternative.

    thanks everyone...
  12. It's so pretty. :tup: I love the diversity of your collection!
  13. oh and, i also had to ask the sa to bring out 3 different priscillas for me to choose the right color combo. =)
  14. ooo it's gorgeous! I love that bag and your collection, congrats!
  15. great collection!!! Love your new priscilla!