My last LV in 2007

  1. Finally after dumping the marina pm bleu, i got this gift from my hubby:nuts:

    My last LV bag in 2007 and it ends with a loud bang!..Simply adore this babe!
    Can you guess?...the truth is out soon
  2. some kind of speedy?
  3. Speedy?
  4. UMM I hate guessing games but I do love your avatar
  5. :beach:
  6. is it the new tivoli??
  7. Well.. me too dun like to it is!
    My 1st MC piece --> Black Ursula!:wlae:
    DSC00075.JPG DSC00077.JPG DSC00078.JPG
  8. Congrat's.. great buy!
  9. :drool: So gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  10. How Pretty!! Nice choice:yes:
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Ooh..Congrats!!!
  13. Your Ursula is absolutely beautiful. The pattern on this bag is beatiful... great choice! :smile:
  14. That was a great choice! She is absolutely gorgeous!
  15. you got good tatste. i'm droooooling...lolz