my last ebay transaction

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know now that the case is over about a buyer who is seriously dishonest. I sold an Hermes Kelly to someone, stated absolutely ALL flaws, and took 42 very detailed photos. This person sent an offer and I asked them before I clicked accept if they were sure they wanted to buy it since it will likely need to be taken to Hermes for repairs. They said yes and said something about her sister really liking Hermes vintage Kelly bags. So I accepted and shipped it to her Express for FREE! Ofcourse, she asks for tracking and when it gets there, she claims there is a 2 inch hole in the bag and some kind of streaks. I asked for photos and she showed me a 2 inch hole alright, and it definitely was not there when I sent it! She also says something about putting a black rock and rich product on the bag. I got her to admit (kind of) through the ebay messaging system about putting product on the bag (she just changed her tune and said it was Hermes product). Anyway, she continuously says she is sending it back after not even opening a case. I tell her no, she can't do that without opening a case. She also threatens a chargeback with her cc. I don't give in, and finally after about 2 weeks, she opens the ebay claim. Basically, ebay did not review the message she sent me, didn't ask for any of my side of the case, and after calling many times to state my case, ends it in her favor today. I will definitely be appealing the case after she damaged my bag and I wanted everyone to know about this person. I try my hardest to be honest and it just makes me so angry when people lie and cheat. Her ID is sagitarius57 and she is from Washington DC.
  2. Sounds like she damaged it trying to repair it herself. Some people will make up ANYTHING to get their own way and I feel really bad with the luck you have been having on eBay. I don't understand why they can let people get away with this crap. I had an item SNAD and I worked with the seller without opening a claim and settled it with a partial to cover the over charge she did on customs (listed the bag for $40 more then I bought it for PLUS the item was SNAD) which allowed me to get the conditioner the bag needed. Had I messed it up, I never would have tried to return it. I still even left the seller positives on everything because it was resolved. Some people are plain NUTS.

    eBay needs a mental screening exam :hugs:
  3. yeah, I agree with you. She definitely did some damage trying to fix it up herself. Thanks so much for the support and reading this. It's so weird that yesterday I had one of the most amazing experiences swimming with whale sharks, and then today I had one of my worst experiences when the case closed :tdown:
  4. Did you at least get your bag back? It's almost the norm these days for a buyer with remorse to destroy the item so they can open a not as described case with ebay. Sorry to hear about your run in with this disnonest person.
  5. not yet, the case just closed today. I am definitely going to fight back when it arrives.
  6. good luck. These buyers are getting worse and worse.
  7. ugggg...some people!
  8. can you phone them and get them to review the claim over the phone? Could be one of the "closed in error" cases? She's admitted to you she's used some product on it so does seems like she has caused this damage.

    I hope you get this sorted. All the best.
  9. lizmill- yes, they definitely are, but I wouldn't exactly call them buyers.
  10. I already called and they said they never saw my ebay messages and since they already decided the case, I have to wait till she sends it back and then appeal... which I will do!
  11. I am the buyer of this damaged bag.I do not appreciate to be called "seriously dishonest". I do not lie, and I do not cheat!
    The Seller already has the bag back on June 02. Tracking # 9405 5036 9930 0116 3297 11.
    I already notified my credit card company about this.

    This is the side of my story: (this is going to be long, please bear with me)
    I received the bag on May 26, picked it up from our Concierge in the evening after our dinner out. I opened the package, but waited until morning to further examine the bag closely. I again checked the seller feedback and noticed mimiaction name (Hermes and Chanel seller from Taiwan ) but can't be sure as it was private listing so can't see what bag that my seller bought from mimiaction. which is a problematic seller according to the ladies in Hermes forum.
    In the morning I checked the bag, outside on my balcony, and there are color "streaks" on the body of the bag. Further checking I have noticed a few noticeable lost stitches on the top flap, and when I looked further, I was shocked that there are 2 inches of broken stitches on the seam, and separated those 2 layers of leather that's a 2 inches open hole! please see pictures.
    Below you will see communication back and forth between me and seller. And as you can see from seller response, the bag was indeed from seller mimiaction (check Hermes sub-forum on re-seller discussion, you will know who mimiaction is) No one bought that bag from mimiaction for maybe 6 months or so and I was like :oh.. no..., not that bag!

    I started to wonder, seller accepted my Best Offer for $1200, while she paid for $1700+ for it. Why? I mean with her Final Value Fee, Paypal fee, and shipping (which cost her $36 as she shipped Express) she easily lost nearly $700-I wonder if nothing wrong with this bag, why she accepted my offer that fast? And why she flip the bag after very short time owned it?
    As you can see in one of Seller e-mail, she sent me the link to that auction. Mimiaction always sold authentic items, but she received mixed reviews from the ladies in the Hermes sub forum. Pictures on mimiaction listing shows color streaks, and those streaks look more prominent under the sun when I checked them!
    Seller has no experience with Hermes bag, she did not believe me when I told her that Hermes would not accept any bag for any kind of service if the bag has been repaired by non hermes.
    As you can see from seller response, she would not take the bag back and suggested me to re-sell it via Yoogi closet!!

    To be continued:
  12. Dear p,
    Thank you so much, we received the bag yesterday!
    I believe you do not know this, but the bag has been re-dyed on some areas, to covered up the cracks on the sides, and the deep scratches on the body of the bag, front and back and the bottom. If you put the bag under the brigt sun outside you will see all the streaks, caused by the different type (and maybe color) of the dye. You described the bag well, but you failed to noticed the missing stitches of 2" long, thus open seam of 2 inches on the flap on one side. We do not mind all the original cracks and rubs on 4 bottom corners, etc. my sister is a vintage Hermes bag collector-she took many to Hermes to restore. We plan to buy the shoulder strap, to replace the cracking handle, and to buy new set of lock and keys (BTW the leather string to the Clochette is not an original Hermes anyway) Having say this, Hermes would not accept this bag for Spa/Repair since this bag has been re-colored (at least part of it) by non Hermes.
    I checked further and noticed you bought this bag from mimiaction, correct?
    Can you please do us a favor and check in her description, did she said the bag has been "profesionally re-dyed"? She done this often with Hermes bag listed (re-dyed bags)
    I am planning to go to Hermes in NY (there are 2 Hermes stores closer to DC, but they do not have a craftman) this weekend to take some bags to repair including this one. But Claude at Hermes will reject this bag since this clearly has been repaired by non Hermes! Now I can not even have the minimum repair that need to be done (re-stitches and spa)at Hermes.
    I actually am very easy going buyer, I never return an item, and usually we bought our Hermes either from Sandiaexchange or Hautegallery.
    Any suggestion?
    Looking forward to hear back from you.

    Dear s,

    I think there is a mistake. I just went to the auction where I got it (where I paid much more) and I read everything over again, and it said nothing about a re-dye. I took many, many up close and personal pics of the bag to show every mark. This bag definitely was not re-dyed in some areas. I even had my friend from the purse forum look over the auction link back when I had bought it and she agreed that Hermes would replace the handle and shoulder strap as well as do whatever there needed to be done for the scratches and such.

    Dear p,
    I think Mimiaction mislead the listing, even in her listing you can see some streaks.
    No, I saw all your pictures and haven't see the lost stitches of 2 inches nor that you mentioned it. I can send you picture of that 2 inches torn.
    Yes, I recognized you on the Purse Forum, especially on eBay forum, I am more like hang around in Hermes.
    If you do not believe me, ask them, if the bag has been repaired by non Hermes, Hermes WOULD NOT touch it, and this is the case with this bag.
    I went to Hermes from time to time for cleaning (Spa) as well as for a repair-if Hermes accept this for repair, it will be sent to Paris and will take long time.
    I am almost 100% sure Hermes will reject this, as dyed has been applied to this bag. In any event I will go to Hermes in NY this week end, I will be sure 100%. If Hermes reject it, the bag is worthless to me, as my sister or I, can not carry this beat up bag nor that I am willing to keep it.

    Dear s,
    is the place you are talking about on the upper part of the bag? because I posted some pics of the stitching there. I am 100% sure there is no re-dye. I looked it over myself and had other people look. Plus, mimiaction ALWAYS mentions of something was re-dyed. She didn't re-dye it and neither did I. I am not saying anyone is lying, I just think the bag is a little dirty from being extremely old. I think I captured the condition of the bag very well.

    To be continued:
  13. Dear p,
    Mimiaction mentioned when re-dyed the whole bag. Trust me I own many Hermes vintage bags and I know if one has been partially re-dyed!
    As I said, I will take it to Hermes this week end. And I take picture of the hole on the flap. Wait for my e-mail in a few minutes.

    Dear s,
    yeah, I know mimiaction mentions those things. Just take it to Hermes and let me know because I try to do my very best when I list things. I honestly do! I got a better camera specifically so I could take super up close pics. I am just certain it wasn't re-dyed, especially in streaks. Who on earth would re-dye part of a bag? It just needs cleaning and fixing the other parts. But if you go to Hermes and insist it was partially re-dyed (which I dunno you why you would) they will take you word for it more than likely.

    Dear p,
    Did you see the pictures of the hole and the color streaks?
    Hermes NY is the closest store that has Craftman on site. I can not go to Hermes in Tyson Corner as the SA or SM does not have the right to say anything about repair, condition of the bag, authenticity, etc. Regardless what I said, he will tell me what is wrong with the bag.

    Dear s,
    yes, I saw your photos and I can honestly say that it's not what was on the bag when I sent it. I wasn't going to point any fingers though. I also don't know why you keep telling me the nearest Hermes store with a craftsman is in New York. You had planned on sending it for repairs before you bought, so why are you upset about it being in New York? You don't have to drive to New York, just ship it to them. Write a note what you want done to what and put it in the box, and ship the bag to Hermes New York.

    Dear p,
    Look. I DO NOT mind about Hermes with a Craftman being in NY. My point is, that if I just drop the bag in Tyson Corner in VA which is only 30 minutes drive, they will send it to NY and if Claude (the name of the Craftman) reject it, it will go back to Tyson Corner store within a few weeks, too late for me to make any claim.
    The bag only with me for less than 24 hours before I mailed you about the problem.
    The hole is there, ON YOUR BAG
    , and you did not even see it much less you knew about the touched up (dyed) on the bag (and the Hermes policy) And NO, Hermes WOULD NOT repair the bag if some one re-touched the bag!

    Dear s,
    The bag did not have a hole when I sent it. Period, end of story. I mean, it's in the exact condition like in the photos, my photos, AND mimiaction's photos. You got it for even less that I paid for it and it's not good enough? How cheap does it need to be? I know it has not been re-dyed

    To be continued:
  14. But you have received back the bag on June 2nd, you keep my money and the bag! You also filed a false claim with USPS.
  15. I have tried to resolve this without involving eBay and Paypal, but seller wrote:

    "no, not without opening a case through ebay you won't
    I also want you to know that that hole was not in the bag when I sent it and that's another reason why i will not be accepting it. I suggest you inquire about selling it through Yoogi's Closet or something."

    "Bag shipped back to you. Please refund after received.

    Thank you"

    Response from seller:
    "no, you can't do that, you have to open a claim with paypal. I already had an insurance claim opened with the postal service a few days ago. You can't do that, you made a hole in the bag that WAS NOT there before. I WILL NOT be refunding you for a damaged bag!"
    She said she filed an insurance with USPS? The bag was not damage during shipping to me, and she filed insurance claim?
    I called my credit card company, the agent told me that I must return the item and only can file a charge back 2 weeks after item been shipped back (and received by seller) She told me that make sure I have the delivery confirmation. I asked if insurance and signature confirmation must be added, she said no, all they need is delivery confirmation.

    -I have shipped the bag on 31st of May, to seller name and address printed on the package. I noticed on her eBay page her address is in Sterret, AL, while her shipping label is Hueytown AL 35023.
    -The tracking shows the bag has been delivered on June 2, to her address, in AL 35023. I waited to see if Seller will refund me voluntarily without a dispute, but nothing. In the meantime, I received a letter from USPS dated June 3rd, signed for by Supervisor, Domestic Claim, regarding the seller claim, asked me to bring the packaging, wrapping, and any other contents received to my PO. I do not understand why she filed an insurance claim with USPS, the item was not damage during the transit! This is a false claim.

    -I filed a claim on eBay on June 9th (one week after delivery confirmation showed delivered and no refund) in which Seller escalated into a claim the same day-clearly she did not want to communicate with me any further.
    -I notified my credit card company for a charge back on June 21. They said they will send me a form to fill in.

    Picture of damage:
    006.JPG 003.JPG
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