My last day before I fly off to "fat camp"

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  1. As some of you know I have comitted myself to a nine week wieghtloss spa! I leave tomorrow! SO Im all packed, house is buckled down in case we have major hurricanes, my mind is spinning...but I think I have it all covered. Im all set to have a yummy steak meal tonight...go to bed and tomorrow be at the airport by 6am! Wish me luck...I will check in here from time to time (probly before I go to bed each night!) so I will keep you posted...if I have the energy!! lol

    Im a bit nervous...this means alot to me and I want to kick ass and do my best...ANYWAY!! Speak to you all soon, and keep shoppin!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Good luck to you! I would love to join you it sounds fabulous-I dont know how much weight you want to lose but in 9 weeks I'm sure you'll have great results. Enjoy your steak and have some extra sour cream on your baked potato for me:biggrin:
  3. 30 is my if I walk away 25 lighter that would make me happy...(and 6-8 hours of exercise a day) I pray for good results...this summer is all about me...and I plan to take advantage fully! (OH!! I think I will have extra butter too) :smile:
  4. 6-8 hours of exercise!?!? That's a full time job! lol. Good luck! =)
  5. Wow, sounds exciting ! And I'm sure you'll have fun.. and reward yourself when you come back. ;)
  6. I was just wondering.......... the "fat camp" sounds like a really great idea with all of the long hours of exercise and food plans they will have for you, but what happens when you get home? Sure you can keep up the eating habits but the hours of exercise dont sound possible. Dont mean to be a stick in the mud I'm just curious. Will it be enought to maintain you weight loss?
  7. Wow, how exciting!!!! I hope you do get a chance to check in and give us some reports. I'd be totally interested in hearing about what goes on at the spa. It will be a great experience:smile:
  8. I will have an exercise plan to stick to...I usually workout an hour and half in the morning and the same at night so that will help me tremendously. I only work 2-3 days per week so I have time to keep going with the exercise..but I will let you know...Im usually pretty good at keeping my wieght down...its just after dad died I could not seem to GET IT OFF! lol...I ate thru my grief...but think I will be okay once I get to my goal...good point for sure!
  9. bon voyage! that's a lot of exercise- both your current and the-gulp-HOURS of it. and it's not like you're starting from being sedentary so it won't be a huge shock or harmful. a change of scenery is bound to help the cause too. wish i could go but i can only SHOP for 8 hours....
    report back!!:yes:
  10. I think the point of the camp is to change your mindset too. Its been proven that if you do something for 60 days or more it becomes a habit. Sunshine I am sure you will do great! I will miss you girl!!
    Keep in touch and check in from time to time! :smile:
  11. We are in the exact same boat. Soon as Dad died a year ago, I have gained almost 15lbs.:cry: He always encouraged me on eating healthy and excerise, and it just seems since I lost him I lost my ambition.:shame:
  12. Good luck sunshine!!!!!! Stay in touch with us and let us know how it's going!! I'm impressed-6-8 hrs of exercise! WOW!!!! Will there be any free time for shopping???
  13. Sundays off PGN!!! I will either sleeping ALOT and enjoying a lazy day OR there is always B....get up...workout out for bit, and then go shop...I plan to hold off until the last 2 weeks to dive into the shopping. My Doctor is convinced that I will be done after week 6...(have met my goal) that would be grand...then I will shop crazily, madly and without reason.
  14. Good luck sunshine!! I hope you get the results you want! It always helps to be around people who share the same goal so I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience :smile:
  15. Wow!!!! You will do great. This is a great journey for yourself to go on and experience. We will be in touch :smile: :heart: