My last day as a 30-something...

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! :drinkup:
  2. HAAaaaappy BIRTHDAY!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!
  4. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
  5. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear pursegrrl happy birthday to you :yahoo:Not a dozen red roses but..... :flowers:
  6. I hope you had a great one! Enjoy your weekend!
  7. YIPEE!
    I'm late here. But hope you have a fantastic weekend PGal! The 40s are the best!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! :dothewave:
  9. Happy Birthday!:smile:
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy (belated) Birthday! :yahoo:
  12. :wlae:Happy Birthday, Pursegrrl! :wlae:

    I loved being in my forties! It's a great decade! You're still young and healthy enough to do things (like being a goalie!) and all that wisdom we all hear we're going to get starts kicking in. :smartass:

    Wait until you cross over the big FIVE OH! It gets even better. :rochard:
  13. Happy Birthday ~~~~~~
  14. Happy B-day! :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday, Pursegrrl! :nuts::nuts::nuts: