My last chanels for a LONG time...

  1. Hi ladies...

    I just wanted to share my last chanel bags. I feel that my collection is pretty much complete and I LOVE all of the bags that I have. I'm hoping to stick w/this ban for as long as possible and w.the new price increase, a bag better do backflips for me in order to bring it home. I took pics w/and w/out flash. The pics w/out flash show the true color of each bag. Thanks for letting me share and I'll have to live vicariously though you lovely ladies for awhile. :sweatdrop:

    click on pics to enlarge.





  2. grey6.jpg




  3. blue5.jpg

  4. WOW congrats! Love them =)
  5. Great bags ... I won't be getting anymore for a LONG time either:sad: ... DH thinks I have enough!!!

    You can never have enough!!!
  6. The gray is AMAZING.
    Both beautiful bags.
    Congrats and good luck on your ban :smile:
  7. We have such similar tastes. I'm waiting for my blue lady braid now.
    Congrats on the new bags, they are lovely.
  8. Congrats!! Both are really gorgeous, I guess that's why you got both of them :tup:
  9. They are divine and look so delic!

    Good luck w/ your ban as well!!! :tup:
  10. gorgeous jenn absolutely gorgeous chanel collection:smile:
  11. Gorgeous Jenn! The lady braids are tdf... those braided straps always make my heart beat just a bit faster. LOVE LOVE LOVE the straps.
  12. Thanks shouldereyecandy!

    Harley: Thanks! LOL, ITA, that you can never have enough.

    sratsey: Thank you! The grey was really hard to capture and it's more of a deep charcoal grey IRL. I'm hoping to stick w/my ban and it should be easy because of the ridiculous price increases.

    April: Yes we do have similar tastes! ;) The blue is so stunning IRL. I wasn't planning on buying the blue until I saw it emerge from the dustbag. Please post pics of your blue LB when she arrives.

    eiffel21: Thanks! LOL, I couldn't leave w/out them.

    alouette: Thank you! It's going to be hard, but I'll try to stay strong.

    Kaka: Thank you!

    jadecee: Thanks! The straps make the bag. :heart: I love how there's a mini classic chain intertwined w/the thick braided handles.
  13. wow! they are both so beautiful!!! does it fit on your shoulder? any modelling pics??
  14. :drool::nuts::drool:
    Gorgeous Jenn - WOW
    Where did you get that blue?
    Is that made out of the same leather as the lambskin flaps?

    Love your other beauties too - but that blue leaves me speechless!
  15. Ahh, OMG, hottie!! :nuts: You got the blue too!! :heart: The color is so standout and beautiful, I bet it would look fabulous against black, grey, white, cream, etc.!! The leather looks amazing on both, and I absolutely LOVE the chain detailing! :heart: I think I need this in brown haha. :p I hear you about the price increases, after I get the bags I really want, I think I’m definitely done for a while (unless the classic flap in the LB blue shade comes out sooner rather than later)!! Can’t wait to see some gorgeous modeling pics!! :smile: