My last Chanels for a long time!

  1. I am so excited to finally say that my Chanel collection is finally complete. I have one more bag coming my way then my entire collection will be complete!! I am excited to invest my money in other ways but, I am also excited because I truly love all my bags.

    Anyway here they are...

    Dark Silver Reissue 226... Metallic Black 226.....and the diamond shine flap.

    IMG_5834.JPG IMG_5832.JPG IMG_5811.JPG IMG_5795.JPG
  2. they are beauties!
  3. Here's a family shot... These are the Chanels I am keeping. :heart:

  4. Beautiful collection. You're truly queen of flap :smile:
  5. yikes, I guess I do have a lot!
  6. WOW!!! those are beautiful
  7. Wow!!!!
  8. Beautiful :heart: Thanks for showing!
  9. GG, omg, wow!!! :nuts: :drool: I love, love, love your dark silver and metallic black reissues (my metallic black 226 is on the way, yay! :smile:), and your diamond shine flap is truly a beauty!! :heart: :heart: You look fabulous with your new babies (also, could you possibly have a better body?!), and your family is simply TDF (the Bordeaux and purple LB are insane)!!! :love: :girlsigh: Have fun wearing all of your gorgeous babies... I'm know you'll turn heads everytime!! ;)
  10. Congrats to your truly beautiful collection. Hope you'll enjoy them years to come
  11. wow what an awesome collection! no wonder you feel satisfied enough to stop. i really love your purple lady braid... the color is just TDF!
  12. So fabulous! I love every piece and I'm sure you wear them all well. :tup:
  13. Thank you!!!

    I am so excited to see your modeling pics of the blk metallic reissue. You are going to love it and I am so happy you were able to find one!!!!!:heart:

    I think you are the queen of flaps. How many do you have? At least one in every color, right?
  14. Very nice collection, I love the silver and black metalic.
  15. Oh, I forgot my Chanel artwork. Not sure what I am going to do with these two prints yet...but thought they were cute!