My last Bridget thread - I promise - which color?

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Which color Bridget? Walnut or Black

  1. Walnut

  2. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have a black ali already and the vintage ergo hobo. Help me decide.

    Mokoni - I hope it's ok that I borrowed your pic. And I forget who I stole the walnut from. THANKS!
    minililywalnut.JPG bridget2.jpg
  2. I picked black because I figured you really can't go wrong with black... plus I was worried that the walnut may look too "vintage" for this style KNWIM? I think the black is nice and classic!
  3. I picked walnut because you keep debating it. If you don't like the walnut, just exchange it for the black. Everyone else has bought black. Be different.
  4. I chose black for this bag - I think it just looks better, more classic.
  5. My Rose Bridgit arrived today from JAX and I am thrilled to death with the color! It will be a great year-round color for me here in Florida. I have enough black and brown bags and wanted to try something different. I'll try to post pictures later tonight!
  6. word!
  7. I picked the black because the hardware really pops out at you.
  8. I would get the black if I were you. It just looks so classic.
  9. Gee, I bet you can't guess which color I voted for. ;)
  10. i too voted black, just because I totally agree with Voodoo, the hardware really pops on it, more so then on the Walnut, but both are wonderful, I guess it all depends on which one your heart mostly desires! :tup:
  11. Seriously I dont know... I'm in the same predicament deciding whether I should keep my walnut Lily XL or exchange it for black. I really cant help... i know how ya feel!
  12. ooh, please do, please do!!
  13. Black - goes with everything.

    This better not be your last Bridget thread. You have to have another one to post pictures after you get her.
  14. Black! I think this bag looks fabulous in black!
  15. My vote is camel but since thats not a choice, I picked walnut. You already have black bags. Go with something different. If the walnut doens't look good when you get it, you can always exchange for black.