My last Bbag - of 2006!!! But I need help...

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  1. I received this package from lvlady99 today.
    package 001.jpg
    I was expecting an 05 Caramel First. When I first began to open the package up I found this:
    package 002.jpg
    I began to panic.:sweatdrop: I wanted a bbag, not a phone.

    I continued to open, and my First was safe and sound in my possesion!!!:yes:
    05 caramel First.jpg 05 caramel First 002.jpg
    I would like some advice about the handles which I knew would need some TLC. I have the LMB kit I got last week in preparation for this bag's arrival.
    05 caramel First - handles.jpg
    Any suggestions on how to treat her???:shrugs:
  2. Beautiful bag, Fendi!

    The leather is gorgeous everywhere except the handles, so why don't you just clean the handles and then use the For Handles Only to protect them? And if you're not happy with the results, e-mail a photo to LMB to see about professional cleaning. Their work is pretty impressive.

    But you've got such lovely luster everywhere else, so maybe you should just leave that alone.

  3. hahahha.. for a moment I thought.. OMG :wtf: .. but and then.. awww.. :P ..congrats on your new bag..I have the same color and love it very much. Enjoy your new bag in good health :yes:
  4. 05 Caramel is a HARD color to keep clean. Even w/ LMB my handles need help again.
  5. Thanks so much everyone.:yes:

    Would the "Balenciaga cleaner" do the trick? Followed by "For Handles Only"? That's what I was planning to do. I really agree that the rest of the bag is in great condition and has extremely smooshy leather. I don't want to touch it at all.

    Should I use "Shine Restore" after the cleaning as well??
  6. Congrats it's a beautiful bag for sure
  7. congrats the leather looks great!
  8. I got my rouge vif box from lvlady99 today and it was wrapped up in a diaper box! *L* But that is okay because she did a great job wrapping it up and I love the bag.
  9. Ok. You got me beat.:nuts:
  10. congrats on your yummy caramel first girl, it's deeeeeeelish :love:
  11. Congrats on your new baby :heart:
  12. congrats!
  13. oooooooooh! Very nice! I think it looks fine as it is. You may try to clear and refresh the handles with what you have, but it really doesn't look bad to me. I think it looks yummy!

    And what's this I hear about the last bbag for 2006?:wtf: How could you! There are still 10 days left in 2006, and one of them is Christmas! How can you throw in the towel so soon? :crybaby:
  14. Oh honey, I only meant it's the last bag I'm receiving in 2006. Purchasing and having it shipped in 2007 is a whole other matter. I'm on a temporary self-imposed ban. Must keep the hubby happy.:rolleyes:
  15. Congrats!! it's a beautiful bag... and i hope the handle prob works out for u :smile: