My last bag purchase in 2010 :: should i cheat on dear Louis ?!


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Aug 31, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand
I'm thinking of buying myself a birthday bag (my bd is in December). I have around $700-$800 to spend on this bag. But I'm having some troubles choosing a bag right now, so I need your help!

I really like Marc Jacobs (also Marc by Marc Jacobs) right now. Their leather bags are so soft, and the designs esp. the classic ones are cute and could be dress up and down with. But then, when it comes to designers handbags. The first brand that came up in everybody's mind is Louis Vuitton. Everytime I bought a bag that is not a Vuitton, I always got someone asking me "Why don't you buy a Vuitton instead? Who will know that the bag is from xxx when you walk pass them?". That's the thing that giving me a hard time, because there are these days where I ask myself "Why don't I use this money to bought a Vuitton instead? Everybody knows LV" (Hope you guys understand what I'm talking about, my english is seriously not strong)

So these are my choices..

If I choose to go for Louis Vuitton, I could only get one..

- Speedy Ebene 35 ( never a fan of ebene speedy, but would want to give it a try)
- Neverfull GM either in Mono/Azur
- Eva (still didn't decide on the pattern)
- A Pre-Loved Keepall Mono 45 . I found it online in a pristine condition, slightly patina and is $700ish

But if I decides to go with Marc Jacobs, I could get a few for different occasions :graucho:

- mbmj little ukita bag, and two pretty nylon tates (as shown in the picture)
- mbmj little ukita bag, and a pre-loved mj single ( a friend of mine is selling it to me for $300, perfect condition!)
- mbmj little ukita bag , and a rebecca minkoff mac (tried it on yesterday and really likes how it looks on me)
- other combinations between these choices..

Fyi, I'm 5'7 and dress up and down. Love wearing light colors, but find myself attracted to grey alot these days..

Thanks in advance!! :biggrin:



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Aug 22, 2009
I can't personally see the point in buying LV just because it's LV and people will recognise it and think differently of you if they see you carrying it. Get what appeals to you most - whether it's LV, MJ, MbMJ or something entirely different. Nor do I really see the point in buying a Speedy in Ebene when you've said you're not a fan. :confused1:

Go for something that fills a gap in your collection - bags for different occasions like you've mentioned. Does the MbMJ fill a use that your other handbags don't have? Go for something like that, IMO.


Oct 18, 2010
I know what you mean when you tend to think twice when purchasing other designer bags. LV is still my Numero Uno but I do heart other designer brands too. It all depends on your priorities. If you think you can make the most out of that ONE LV bag from your list, I say go for it. Otherwise, if you like variety, then you might want to consider the few MJ bags you can get for the same amount. Good luck!
Feb 4, 2008
Bloomingtown, IN
I seriously don't like the mbmjs simply because it is not leather and soooooooooo many people are now wearing those nylon mbmjs. The LVs are nice, but you already have so many LVs, and everybody is using LV everywhere. Do you consider gucci perhaps, they are having presale mid November....those bags that are $1200 or more will go down to your price range.


Oct 29, 2009
Hi earthx!! Love the name!! Well back to the thread, I totally understand how you feel about purchasing a new bag. I'm the same way. I like to keep my options open. I've been collecting LV for a while and lately I'm loving MJ and MbMJ now. I say go with how you feel. You can get 2 or 3 bags instead of purchasing 1 LV bag.


Nov 6, 2010
Tampa, FL
If I had to choose from one of the I would get Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Azur or the mbmj little ukita bag , and a rebecca minkoff mac.



Jul 21, 2009
If you already have lots of LV and don't have one that you're dying to have, I would say go for different brand. Don't get a LV just because it's LV. It's a birthday gift it should be something special and something you really really want :smile:


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May 11, 2009
It would be nice to diversify your collection a little bit so I would go for the Marc Jacobs/RM bags.


Sep 16, 2008
I vote to get the LV keepall while you can.. the price seems quite good! not keen on Mbmj bags personally!


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Aug 25, 2006
I'm actually on the same boat with you, but not because LV is a brand that everyone knows, more like i'm in love with both of this one LV i'm eying at and another mbmj bag. I know it's a tough decision. So, i would say go with the one you know you will TRULY love in the end!


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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
I'd say just buy what you really love. There's no reason you should buy more LV just because it's LV. And don't buy a bag just so that other people will recognise it as LV. Marc Jacobs and MbMJ have some fantastic bags, you should try to branch out - clearly you like these other designers, so don't be afraid to stray away from LV, just for a little while. :P