My Last bag of Summer 2008... please help me decide!

Which bag?!

  • Monogramouflage Keepall

  • Utah Wichita

  • Pegase 60

  • Accessories

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Jul 25, 2006
Hey Everybody! I am almost back from my shopping trip in NYC. I had intentions of buys the Cabas Innsbruck (a mens bag I always admired but never truly thought of buying until now) as a bit of an art piece since I think I wouldn't carry it off very well. I was sadly informed though that the several pieces that were left in North America were all supposedly sent back to France for destruction (along with many other older bags from the mens LE/seasonal collections) so I have called around but since I always get transferred to the 866-VUITTON number rather than get connected to an actual store I gave up calling and trying to find one at specific stores (I really think there might be one out there.) Anyyywaysss, I would like to purchase some final things before the summer ends, like a last hurrah, I have already done some pretty extensive damage between mid july and now (will reveal all when I am back!) so I don't want to go overboard lol. Please feel free to mention anything else you might think I would like. Basically my choices are as the poll says, the Monogramouflage Keepall (which I am kind of HALF in love with i but it was the same with the Innsbruck and I missed that. I don't want to miss this one, so just HOW limited is it? Is it seasonal or truly limited? Are pieces of it selling out? and is Camoflauge even IN style? I really feel this is isn't a classic piece/can be used for a long time), the Utah Wichita (LOVE this messenger it's almost purse-like which I love, but is quite masculine), Pegase 60 in Mono or Damier, or should I just buy a bunch of accessories like shoes, sunglasses, new damier patch agenda, insolite wallet seeing as I already purchased three bags this summer AND things for my dear brother lol. I really am having trouble deciding so all help would be appreciated! Thanks! :heart:

P.S If any of you should see a Cabas Innsbruck at your boutique or know of one for sale somewhere or anything please let me know!, it will be highly appreciated! :flowers:
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oui, Louis!
May 15, 2006
Canberra, Australia
i would always opt for the one that's LE before anything else. in this case id go for the Mono'flage. but instead of the Keepall, get the Treillis. they're definitely limited edition. they even have the special tag that says so :yes: