My Las Vegas Souveniers

  1. I had not purchased a Coach bag in over a year but when we got to Las Vegas, the mood finally hit. I found this little beauty, the multistripe tote, and with dh encouraging me to get it, I did. I was looking to get a matching wristlet but I liked the pink one as well and couldn't decide. Dh said since I love pink, to get the pink one, so I got the punch wristlet as well as some other stuff. I was so excited to get my tote that I used it the next day while still in Vegas. After getting home and looking at my little souveniers for a while, I realized that during this trip, I finally satisfied my Coach wishlist of getting something in the punch color and something from the multistripe line. It was a very good vacation. Attached are pics of my Coach goodies plus a pic of all my purse souveniers, both Coach and LV.
    LsCo.jpg Lsall.jpg
  2. Your new tote is BEAUTIFUL!!!! ENJOY it and your other beautiful accessories!
  3. VERY cute! :tup: Glad you enjoyed your vacation.. those are great souveniers!!!
  4. I think handbags and accessories make the best souveniers!!
  5. congrats, they're beautiful!
  6. Thanks! DH kept trying to encourage me to gamble but I told him I preferred to take home something, lol.
  7. so cute congrats.
  8. Congrats on all your souvenirs! Love the multistripe tote and the punch wristlet!
  9. What awesome souvenirs!! I'm envious.

    And how awesome that y our DH was telling you to go for them! I swear, stories of bag-supportive significant others is like the Yeti to me, something I've heard stories about, but will probably never personally experience. *L*
  10. Love your souvenirs! Gotta love Vegas....and our DHs who say, "You should get it because you look hot with that bag!" :tup:
  11. I totally understand! That's how I am when we go to Vegas. I ask my DH to drop me off at the shops where I can spend my "gambling" money and he's off to play craps. :yes:
  12. Eep what great stuff!
  13. girl, those are not Souvenirs! Those are hot handbags and hot handbag accessories. Call a spade a spade, you went shoppin'!

    Gotta love Euphemisms.

    By the way, I love all of your ahem "souvenirs!"
  14. love the tote! it's always nice to go someplace and come back with something special :smile:
  15. :p I sure did