My Large Lilly Reveal

  1. thanks elvis! :smile:
  2. Having dry eyes was what eventually pushed me into laser surgery - I couldn't wear my contact lenses and was sick of wearing my glasses. I still have dry eyes now, but it's so much more bearable.

    I was equally petrified. The morning of my surgery I was shaky, and actually cried in relief afterwards because I could see - worried a few people in the waiting room I think! I've worn glasses since I was 7, and never expected instant results. In fact, I was cleared to drive the next morning with better than 20/20 vision. Best decision I've made, and it was 'only' the cost of a few handbags!!
  3. That is so good to hear that you are so pleased with the results. your situations sounds really similar to mine. I have worn glasses since about age 7 as well and I love my contacts - I have a lovely pair of glasses too but I can not bear more than 2 days of wearing them. I have loads of eye drops, creams to keep my eyes moist during the day, but I have a feeling I am going to have to end up having laser treatment like you. Thank you for telling me - the more positives I hear the better it makes me feel about it in the future or near future! x
  4. Wow it looks beautiful, and so much more useable then little Lily x
  5. If they brought it out in pebble leather I could hold out on the Chanel 2.55 x
  6. Lovely bag and nice modeling pics.........congrats!!!!
  7. Thanks girls! Yes, one in pebbled leather would be amazing!
  8. Congrats - tres chic!
  9. TP Where is your reveal of your bow from my theresa? x
  10. Lily looks lovely figarogirl. Really suits you. Chic and understated. Congrats.
    Hope your eye feels better. I have really dry eyes and gave up on contacts long ago after having similar scratching incidents so I sympathize with that horrid 'gritty' feeling.
  11. Er still on my mental "to do" list ... was a bit thrown today by the cat puking massively on the carpet and somehow after I'd finished cleaning it all up, didn't get in the mood for taking nice pics! It's definitely a keeper though, showed it to Himself last night and he pronounced it "elegant".
  12. Oh it is so elegant, I cannot wait to see it xxx:smile:
  13. wow.. it's a beauty. mulberry has really got the Lily DNA down pat. congrats on the purchase!
  14. Very chique and elegant Figarogirl, looks perfect on you. Many congrats!
  15. That is a gorgeous posh bag. I'm extremely jealous! Lovely modelling pics too xx