My large coco cabas and large Soft & Chain ^^

  1. After a hard search :sweatdrop: , i just got large Coco cabas in black happy hehe:yahoo: , want to share some pics with you guys ..
  2. Congratulations!!!

    You have the smaller cabas... which pfers affectionately call the baby cabas.:smile:

    What color S&C did you get?
  3. And this is my large tote hehe, really nice leather, so soft..^^
  4. Thanks alot..hehe
    Oh, this is a large size, i think the lady told me that this is 2007, they will not do the CC one any longer:sad: , so this is new design..^^
  5. Wow, that was definitely worth the search!! :nuts:
    Congrats and enjoy them!
  6. hehee, thanks alot,
    Yeah, it is reeally worth it ehhe..
    Love the cabas alot..;)
  7. congrats, love them both.
  8. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  9. Yeah, I believe the Coco Cabas you have is the large one which has braided straps instead of chain straps! They are new design for this season.
    Congrats on both finds! They are tdf.
  10. wow thats two hard to get bags! congrats
  11. Congrats! So beautiful!
  12. hehe, thanks for all your comments..
    I love them too hehe^^
  13. gorgeous, congrats!!
  14. OOOH!LOVE the new starpa on the cabas!!
    Congrats..I have the soft chain inblack too....FAB bag ,Live in it!!
  15. Congrats! Both bags are stunning. I hope you really enjoy them.