My Large, Chocolate Muse Arrived! WOW!

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  1. After reading the raves on TPF about the Muse I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered it from the YSL store in NYC and opted for overnight Saturday delivery because for one, I couldn't wait:yes: , and also they require a signature and I wasn't up for trying to coordinate that with UPS.

    I hope you will put up with my unbridled enthusiasm! I live in a town that has NO designer handbags other than Kate Spade... that's totally it!! SO, I don't often get to see fabulous bags in person.

    I am known to be a nit picker and somewhat of a perfectionist:shame: and I have to say that I was totally bowled over by this bag. I am sooooo in love with it. The pictures I've seen in no way do it justice.

    AND the chocolate color... so rich and luscious!

    AND I was very pleasantly surprised at how lightweight it is. It isn't heavy at all. AND it is not as large as I expected. This size doesn't seem gigantic to me at all. It is just right. My favorite style of bag is one that will sit by itself and I can look in to it to see what's there. This one fits the bill for that, too.

    So, here are some pics of my Muse experience today!!

    The box... ooohhhh I can't wait to see what's inside ....

    Hmmm, air-pillow packing ....

    Something shiny... must be the sleeper pouch ...

    Oh, there she is! I am totally wowed!!

    A "beauty shot" of my new favorite "companion"!!
  2. Congrats Kallie on your beautiful new bag, and welcome to tPF!!!! I'm sure you will love your Muse. I've got the Chocolate too (in Oversize) and it is a stunning color. Wear it well. Sounds like you own THE most fabulous bag in your town!!!
  3. Your bag is great, really pretty! Congrats! I like your anticipatory photos, too. I didn't realize that my YSL sleeper had the initials on it until I saw your photo!
  4. Kallie - Congrats on your beautiful new Muse. I love that rich dark brown color. All browns are not created equal and it looks like you got a really good one.

    Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  5. It's a beautiful bag! The dark brown is my favorite color for the Muse. Yours looks perfect! it is nice to hear you are so pleased with it. Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Congrats! I have the same bag too and it's a great choice!
  7. It is really pretty! I saw today in person, and wow, it was beautiful! Congrats!
  8. What a fabulous bag! Gorgeous color! Enjoy your Muse! :flowers:

  9. Your bag is stunning. I love the color, stunning, wear it well.
  10. Wow. i forgot how HOT a new choco muse actually looks. My choco XL has been beaten up real badly.
  11. Congrats, KallieGirl!.....she's a beauty. I love that color more than any of the Muse colors. Oh, and Welcome to the Forum!
  12. The bag is stunning and I love the color! Can you fit it over your shoulder or strickly hand carry?
  13. Hi, it fits over the shoulder with a sweater on. It won't fit with a coat. But it fits so nicely on the arm!! :P
  14. The bag is so pretty, I love the shape and the color. Congratulations!
  15. Those are awesome pics! and a gorgeous bag! congrats!