My large black metallic luxe bowler came but...

  1. it is unfortunately way too big for me, and is going back. :crybaby:Based on the pictures, I hadn't realized how much larger this is than the medium (which is the one I desperately want - if there's a black metallic luxe bowler fairy out there somewhere, can you please send her my way)? :sad: I think I will return her tomorrow at the Saks in Greenwich, CT, so if anyone is curious, PM me and I'll let you know when I will be returning her for sure. Thanks so much to Z&J for helping me find her though, I really appreciate it!! :smile: I'll post pictures later to show you the bowler... kinda sad now. On the bright side, I'm expecting a metallic bronze bowler, and I found a dark chocolate vintage ligne tote, so I'm sure those will help! :smile:
  2. I'm so sorry that you are disappointed with it :sad:
    I hope you will find a medium soon!
    *sends fairy to fiery*

    Can't wait to see pics from your two other bags!
  3. Sorry it didn't work out Minal, but congrats on the dark chocolate VL! Where did you find it?
  4. Sorry it did not work out for you
  5. Hi Roey. :smile: I found it at Saks, through Damien! :yahoo: I will post pictures later of the black bowler so you, and everyone else. can see that while it is gorgeous, IMHO, it just looks too big on me. :sad:

  6. I'm happy for you Minal and hope you love the VL tote. It's really special. :love: :tender:

    As for the large bowler, I know how big that one is and the handles are shorter than the medium which makes it especially awkward to carry. Hope you can find the medium soon!
  7. hi fieryfashionista...i hope you find a medium soon! i will keep my eyes out for you.
  8. I hope I find a medium soon too! :smile: Here are the pictures of the large metallic black bowler I have now... you can see that it looks too big on me. :crybaby:

    In all of it's huge glory.

    From the side...

    Where did my thighs go (for them to disappear means the bag is pretty huge haha).

    I think my waist shrunk... or no wait, it's a bowler style illusion! :p

    The bowler wearing me uhh I mean I'm wearing the bowler!
  9. OMG that bag is so HOT! Your comments have me:roflmfao:

  10. Well, sorry for your disappointment. Maybe you will find the medium size. If I see it...I'll let you know.
  11. Thank you! :smile: I'm just trying to make light of a disappointing situation... it is a beautiful bag, just IMHO, too big for me.

  12. I'm returning this tomorrow at Saks NYC as it turns out. I would fall over and die if I could find the medium haha... but I think the chances of my falling over and dying are better than my finding it ahh.
  13. i think the 3rd pic looks pretty fabulous to me :love::love: but the last pic makes the bag look like a bowler style cabas :yes:

    Dont worry Minal.. you will find the medium bowler soon!! :flowers:
  14. I personally think its too big on you too. I hope you find it in med! do post pictures when you do!
  15. The bag is STUNNING!!! Personally I don't think its too big on you, but yea definitely return it if you are not 100% happy with it.