My lanvins from the gregorys sale!

  1. Yay i love them!!!!
  2. Yay! Aren't they great? I bought the patent in the darker red myself.:tup:
  3. u got the ruby ones??? i love those but they didn't have my size.
  4. Yay! I love them too!

    I must get a pair in the future.
  5. Stop teasing me with your treats.......wish I could I have got some but I didn't think Gregorys would ship internationally.

    I think I'm gonna have to get those red ones :drool:
  6. GORGEOUS! I almost got those navy patents!!! Enjoy them!
  7. Love them too!!
    very cute, especially the blue ones! :flowers:
  8. Whooohooo! :woohoo::woohoo:
    Congrat Angelie, those are gorgeous!
    I almost went for both colours, but decided I should go for more darker colour..*Am sharing the excitement thru' your purchases! :tender:
  9. They're so gorgeous! :drool:
  10. simply gorgeous! congrats on your new lanvins!
  11. wow, i REALLY like your reds! I've never seen them in that color here...congrats!!
  12. Love, love, love the red ones! Beautiful!
  13. thanks! i get so many compliments on the red ones
  14. LOVEE the red ones, but both are gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Congrats! What a great purchase :tup: