My Lanvin Kansas is here!

  1. It's a rich chocolate color in real life and the leather is squishy soft. It's amazing :love: and the perfect every day bag. I feel privileged to have found one! :amuse:


  2. I really love this bag. Where did you find it? Congratulations! It's truly a beauty.
  3. ebay if you can believe it!
  4. You have to take a picture with you carrying it!!! Congrats!
  5. So happy for you!! Congrats on your ever so wanted beauty!
  6. Nice!!
  7. Sooooo nice, congratulations! Looks perfectly soft and the colour is yummy!
  8. Has anybody seen or heard about Lanvin schoolbag from this season. My friend showed it to me, looks kind of neat - black with silver hardware, 2 front pockets. Really could be taken for school bag, albeit very expensive one! Would like to know opinions, if you have seen one.
  9. Eh.. where have I been?? I'm only seeing this now.

    Congrats Twinklette!!! She's a beauty! My friend is on the prowl for one in the chocolate colour too.
  10. Serenity, I got mine off ebay - as far as I know it's the only place to get the older version :sad: