my l'amore

  1. disclaimer: sorry i had to post a new thread but i can't seem to add to older threads.

    I just got my l'amore zucca from Pulse and I love it!! Thought i'd share. oh and also here's my pirata zucca i got like 2 weeks ago.
  2. your lamore zucca is lovely! mine should arrive tomorrow from i ordered a few so i could have a better choice for print placement and i did have free shipping. i hope i like one of them!
  3. thank u hoot.. hehe :biggrin:
    you ordered a few? cool! i'm sure you'll end up liking one of them :smile: and you can't beat free shipping! good luck! show pics when u get them!
  4. Very cute! I love ur bag! There's only 3 character pairs I dont like and none of them are on the front of ur bag! So in my opinion, your bag is perfect!
  5. very cute bags tokidokiangel :biggrin:
  6. thanks u guys :smile:
  8. Wow, i like both your zuccas! The amore has all the characters i'd want; adios/cc, Sandy and friend/ lattes/ sushi/ koi/ chief flowers! and tea!

    I never realized how nice the pirata would look with the purple haired girl center. i always just want all the girls.

  9. TokiAngel - Very nice Zuccas, congrats :yahoo:
  10. wow your pirata zucca has like perfect placement. I love it!!
  11. Thanks everyone :smile: i've loved everyone else's collections too!

    I just told one of my friends that this purse forum with all u tokidoki-nuts is so much more fun than myspace .. at least i have something in common with u all .. haha :biggrin:
  12. you know I feel the same way. I thought I was :nuts: I have so much fun in this forum and when something toki-disappointing happens, there's so much support too
  13. Your amore zucca is so pretty, TokidokiAngel! And I :heart: your pirata zucca- it has pirate kittie all over the bag!! As you may know, he is my absolutely favorite character. :love:
  14. It's beautiful!