My Lamore collection: part 2

  1. Look what I got from Nordstrom today? I love the denaro and the cucciolo, its huge!!

    Oh and the luna was from Macys Ventura. I drove an hour and half to go there to get it, so I could use my rewards from the presales. lolz!!

    The bambino was an exchange, I love this print placement better than the previous one!!

    Unfortunately, I didnt get a mamma mia. Nordstrom had mistakenly sent me a bambinone instead. The tag for mamma mia was on the bambinone. Oh well. I know they are completely out of the style, but its ok. I still have my bv!! I cant say I have completed my quest, because I am still sorta of hunting for a bocce or a trenino. But for now, I am happy with what I have!! :yahoo:
    lamorecollection.jpg lamorecollection2.jpg
  2. lovely l'amore collection!
  3. I love your bags. If I could afford it I would try and get the entire lamore collection too
  4. **HIGH FIVE** L'Amore Sista! Great find, I am drooling over your Luna! :smile: I have a few chances to get a denaro but none of their placement speaks to me. Yours is super cute. I totally dig it!

    I wonder if Macys Ventura still has the Luna. I have given up looking for one around here so I might just call them up.
  5. Wow, congrats! love it all
  6. the luna was the last one. but i know concord macys has one in stock, its a return, but yeah its still there.
  7. Great L'Amore collection!:tup:
  8. wow! amazing amore collection!
  9. wow beautiful l'amore bags!!!! :nuts: congrats on your newest additions!!!
  10. wowwww such colorful pictures!!!!!!

    i wish i had that much money to buy that many bags all at once ><
  11. OMG they are sooo cute, especially together as a family !
  12. Thanks! I got it! :yahoo:

    Now I am still missing :

    Corriere - I doubt I will EVER find this ...
    Bocce - JapanLA has it but at $88 retail, I am in a dilemma whether to get it ...
    Mamma Mia
  13. yeah!! congrats!! lets keep it up!!! haha...I am not sure if I ever saw this print in corriere they even make that style? I dont get it, certain styles go to certain dept stores, then what about the rest? I never seen trenino in any dept stores. where are they???
  14. Hi Pinkpeony, the Nordstrom at the Irvine Spectrum has the Braccialetto in Lamore on Sale. I think it was $27.00. They had two today.