My ladybug bag and updated collection pics!

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  1. I picked up my ladybug hobo bag from the post office this morning and I'm in love!!! Here is it (sorry the pics are so blurry.)...


    And here is my collection, I think it needs some more blue and some pink, no?...

  2. Nice collection! The ladybug bag is really cute.
  3. I don't know if you have an aversion to brand mixing LOL, but Brighton has some really cute ladybug accessories - keyfob, purse charm, etc. I've also seen a I THINK Kate Spade ladybug change purse. But that's my matchymatch side peeping out.:p
  4. I'm going to have to look into that...I love Coach but ladybugs are kinda my thing too. Thanks!
  5. I've never seen the ladybug on the green background but I love it! Its such a nice contrast against the bright red bugs!
  6. pretty lady bug bag...its perfect for summer! and i soo want that agenda.
  7. Yeah, I used to work for Brighton and they had some cute Ladybug stuff
  8. Very cute! Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Cute bag!! And nice collection too!!
  10. Great bag for summer!

    Nice collection!!
  11. That is adorable! Congrats! I :heart: ladybugs! :yes:
  12. love the bag (i love ladybugs too) and...looove the collection
  13. Yep Brighton has a ton of cute accessories! I mix brands as long as the metal colors match. I have my Brighton FL keyfob/charm on my Soho Large Satchel, love how it jingles there!
  14. The ladybug bag is super cute!! My MIL loves ladybugs-thanks for the Brighton tips!
  15. That ladybug bag is so cute!! I've never seen one like that before. Nice collection too!! :smile: