My Lady Gres Louboutin

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to my friends who help me get these shoes. Love them.

    I was meant to get them from Harrods but my name was so far down the list for them, ordered them from Saks but Saks does not post to the UK so had them delivered to my good friend Deco who sent them on to me.Yayyyyyyyy

    I have been trying to walk in them, but they are comfortable, a little big, but put a pad in the back and now they are fine.
    137_3738.JPG 137_3739.JPG 137_3736.JPG
  2. I love that COLOR! Congrats!
  3. Congrats! Those are sooo beautiful! :heart: them! Last night I was scouring the web for them in my size & color preference, but of course I couldn't find them anywhere. Sigh.
  4. i like shoes with that style of heels.. but your right it's hard to walk with that high heels..
  5. I think these are the sort of shoes, you wear out to sit down all, I am OK walking in them on carpet but when I get to tiles on the floor its like I am on a Skating rink......I shall be jumping from one bit of carpet to another when out in these
  6. Gorgeous shoes. I hope you enjoy them.
  7. oooh saich, I absolutely adore them. They really are starlet shoes. You could imagine Marilyn Monroe wiggling her cute behind in these gorgeous shoes.

    Absolutley stunning, congratulations honey :smile:
  8. Love the color--makes the shoe even more gorgeous!
  9. Thanks everyone, yes chloe-babe you are so thats what a need a little black figure hugging dress to go with these, and I can do the wiggle as my walking in them leads a lot to the imagination
  10. Oh they are stunning! Congrats on a divine find!
  11. These are great! I've been trying to find these in the color I want without any success.
  12. Gorgeous! Do you have outfits in mind? I love that color, but I did not think it would look good on my skin tone so I went w/ the pewter.
  13. These are great!!!
    Love the color! When I tried them on at the store they seems soo soft and comfy!
  14. those are really cute
  15. Thanks everyone glad you love the shoes.

    Regarding outfit to go with these, either a little black dress or black jeans, I have this quite different top which is the same colour as the shoes, one shoulder/sleeve has a rip effect its sort of punky to look at that would go with the jeans. I just love these 40's style that is out now.