My Lady Diors

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  1. The red lady door comes with normal charms... I attached a newly bought bag charm to the other side of bag. Seems a bit long? Maybe it'll be nicer on bigger bag?
  2. They're beautiful, especially the red! Thanks so posting them
  3. cute animals =P
    nice collection!
  4. Beautiful trio, thanks for sharing!
  5. Looks perfectly fine! Very flash in fact ;)
  6. Love all your Lady Dior . ... Esp the red one !!
  7. love the classic black!
  8. You have a very pretty collection. I like the special charms on the red bag. Does not look too long to me.
  9. WOW! 3 STUNNING Lady Diors! The pink one is so pretty! The brown color is so rich and chocolatey.

    And the charms don't look too long at all. They add a very nice dazzling touch to the bag. I think that they may match the pink one a bit more cuz it's more girly.
  10. Love all your LD especially the patent one :love:
  11. Love all three of them. Are they the medium size? I'm curious which ones come with the messenger strap.
  12. wow!!! i like your collection and the charm matches the red lady perfectly!!!
  13. They are all pretty especially the red!!
  14. Wow so pretty! I love your collection especially the red