My Lady Dior questions.. pins, authenticity cards?.. Reveal later

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  1. well, i want to do the reveal on my lastest Dior and also my first ever Dior bag
    after few questions ask, you guy probably figured that style the bag
    first question Dior Authenticity cards, my bag comes with authenticity card but the date, references, and point of sale are left blank. It only has bar code on the back. Is that normal? Just in case for the future, if i want to bring my Dior bag to boutique for complimentary services. Do SA give me hard time to get the service at boutique?
    Second question, on the strap that comes with 3 pins. Does it twisted or snapped ? I just watched few videos from YouTube about my lady dior reveals, unboxing, what fit in my bag etc.
    one video mentions that her bag is snapped pins, she laso mentioned all the newest my lady dior bag will come with snapped pins. any twisted pins are the older version and my recently purchased from the end of October is twisted pins. Is that true? I just wondered if i want to my more pins for my dior bag. So the snapped pins will work with twisted lock.
    Or just only seasonal color comes with snapped pins?
    Thank you

  2. Did you get the bag at the boutique? If you did, then the receipt will suffice for the warranty. If not, then you can try bringing your bag in for servicing if needed, and see what the sales associate says.

    And yes, the new pins snap, but if boutiques still have the old stock, then you may still be able to get the twisted pins.

    The pins may will be renewed from season to season.
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  3. thanks @averagejoe so much for answering all my questions.

    Are the snapped pins for new update on some seasonal/recent colors
    my bag code is 0168 which is June 2018...ask far I read somewhere in authentic In this forum. so it is kind of recently. And the bag is till twisted pins. do you think it is weird?
  4. Please let me know if you got the bag from a Dior boutique. It depends on this quite a bit.
  5. yes, I got it at boutique in NY
    I also called the boutique to confirm twisted and snapped pins. The SA told me some limited edition bags, or seasonal colors will come with the snapped pins. some classic color will come with twisted pins. Some new pins I can also request for twisted pins too.
  6. Then this means you got one of the older stock bags, which is fine. I would pick up some extra pins that you like in case they discontinue the twist pins.
  7. I find the stamping of authenticity cards inconsistent atleast in the US. One boutique in the US never stamped the card and another sent it stamped. Bergdorf sent me a bag with no stamp either. However, anytime I bought in a European boutique it came stamped. Personally, I would like consistency!
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  8. okay, here is my instant reveal... as you all read over . I think you can guess what Dior bag is it. but i am so in love with my first ever Lady dior bag... so beautiful that makes me want to get the medium size too 20181120_210739.jpg
  9. So beautiful
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  10. Super cute, congratulations!

    Is it a small or mini size, an has it been out already?
  11. small size
    i have not taken out yet :sad:.. will take it out soon. lamb skin so delicate