My ladies...please help me!!!r/o

  1. I was flipping thru the most recent Neiman's Big Book and turned to pg.61a. I can't take my eyes off of the Chanel black pny- hair calfskin bag. Has anyone seen this beauty up close and personal? Is it worth it? $1,995+tax. Anyone who has this bag, please share pictures with us please!!!

    I already have the dk. chocolate spy bag...should I purchase this chanel bag or get the gold/silver metallic spy ($2,410)? Help!!
  2. I'm out of the country and can't look at my catalog. . .
    can you scan it or take a pic and post it?
  3. at my parents house and they don't have camera or scanner. bummers!!
  4. i saw it up close and personal... it's exquisite :heart: the pic doesn't do it justice. it's deceivingly large once you open it up. worth every penny. it's on my list!
  5. I agree with dogbiskit. I saw the bag at South Coast Plaza a few weeks ago (in black and red), and it was beautiful.
  6. on the chanel website, it's item 10 of the pny fall/winter accessories collection. so gorgeous! *sigh*
  7. My SA send my daughter and I a bunch of catalogs. I looked but never gave it much thought. I will go and take another look. Danke.
  8. Do you think this Chanel bag will stand the test of time or will it be out of style in the very near future? I think you can never go wrong with Chanel. I don't have any pony-haired bags in my purse collection.. should I do it? I love the picture of it on the Chanel website and I'm sure its even more beautiful in person.
  9. The bag is beautiful, but if pony hair isn't your style - they make it in all leather. I saw it at Chanel 57th Street this morning. It was black w/ white diamond stitching and it was really beautiful!!
  10. I just got off the phone with the SA at Chanel Bellagio and she says there is none in just all leather. Could she be wrong?
  11. ***I went ahead and purchased the Chanel pony-hair tote in black instead of the Fendi Spy*** Should be coming in on Friday from San Francisco!! So excited. I definitely need to take pics of all my bags!!
  12. I saw the bag in Chanel Boutique, Montreal canada. It's SO beautiful. I want one too but i just bought a white caviar classic one this one. For the pony hair bag from Chanel, there are two colors-- black and brown. I prefer black color for the classic Chanel bag-- and brown for the other style (it's larger) you can look at the pic at Brown looks so much better for the larger one. And also if anyone want to find a Silver metalic bag for Luxury collection.. there is one available in Chanel boutique, Montreal-- only last one left. The SA is so nice (she said it's so hard to find and everyone wants it)