My Lacca Red Large Patent Tribute! *pics*

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  1. I wanted to post pictures of my Lacca Red Patent Tribute (this is the red color exclusive to which I absolutely adore. I had already received a Dark Berry Tribute and wasn't sure about the color, so I ordered the Lacca Red when it became available to compare and as soon as I unwrapped the Lacca Red, I believe I must have had a huge grin on my face because it was the absolute perfect color for me! It's even better, for my taste, than it looks on the website and I really couldn't have selected a more lovely color if the bag were custom designed for me.

    It looks a little similar to the Dark Berry in low light, in that they both appear to be variations on burgundy, but this one is a little more bordeaux with clear red undertones while the Dark Berry had more of a purple hue to it. The first two pictures attached are close-ups of the Dark Berry (first) and the Lacca Red (second) to show the subtle difference between the colors.
    Anyway, here is my lovely new bag!:love: None of the pictures were taken with a flash, I just tried to capture the changes in appearance with different levels of sunlight. You can see it really picks up red in direct sunlight, but it most often looks the color it appears to be in the fourth, somewhat blurry picture where it's opened and laying on top of the black dustbag.
    Dark Berry closeup.jpg Lacca Red closeup.jpg dsc01295.jpg dsc01302.jpg dsc01300.jpg
  2. And here are a few more pictures, I just couldn't resist :love:...the last one is with direct indoor lighting which makes it look a little closer to the pictures on So even at its brightest, it's still a deeper cherry red and never a bright tomato or scarlet red.
    dsc01296.jpg dsc01312.jpg dsc01311.jpg dsc01290.jpg dsc01271.jpg
  3. wow that's very special
  4. YSL has a medium Tribute and a large....which one is yours? I think the large is 17" X 18". I might order it in the Lacca Red. Yours is gorgeous!!!!
  5. to! he he
  6. Wow, it's simply stunning! Love this color, it's amazing.
  7. love this bag!!!! great choice...I was hoping you'd pick LR over DB. Both beautiful but, IMO much more longevity with LR. congrats!
  8. Congrats!!! very nice colour, enjoy ur tribute!!!
  9. What an vibrant color! Congrats.
  10. Thanks, I really love it (if you couldn't tell)! It is the Large size, and here is a picture of LiLo with her Large to give you an idea of size. It is a very roomy bag, but does fit up on the shoulder. I know some TPFers have and prefer the Medium, though, which is more handbag-sized than tote-sized.

  11. Thanks, Victoire, I think all of the exclusive colors for the Tribute are eye-catching (there's a pale gray color and a light sky blue, too) but this one is gorgeous in person and I'm sure it would be a big seller if they were in the boutiques for everyone to see first-hand.

    I also think your Quilted is stunning and when I had the DB color first and wasn't sold on it, I was seriously considering trying to track down a Quilted instead because I thought maybe that was the only way I really liked the Tribute since I wasn't wowed by my plain patent. But then I was thrilled with the LR when it arrived, so I guess I just needed the right color to enjoy it in a non-Quilted version, too.
  12. Thanks so much, karo, couturequeen and ameliakelly! I'm just happy I found a bag/color that was such a nice fit for myself.
  13. Thanks, celi. The DB was a really nice color, too, and probably more unusual than the LR, but it did tend to favor a brownish tone in most lighting which is just not my own personal preference. And I was hoping for something leaning more towards a bordeaux color, but it was hard to tell which bag would be closer just based on the website photos.

    I was really pleasantly surprised when I opened up the LR because I thought I was going to be deciding between a berry and a brighter red color (or returning both and looking for a Black Quilted), I didn't expect to receive the exact color I wanted. I think that surprise is what's making me perhaps a little silly and overly excited about my new bag.
  14. Have fun shopping! :graucho:

  15. maybe they will have an online boutique in Europe one day....