My Labor Day weekend Outlet trip


May 14, 2008
The land of Mary
Well, after reading all of the great deals that other ladies here were getting at the outlet for labor day weekend, I decided that I just couldn't stay away! DH and I drove out to the 2 closest outlets this morning, stopping first @ the Northern GA outlets. There wasn't too much there to catch my eye. Other than the Hamptons teal leather wallet, which ended up being the only one there. Ever since I pointed showed DH the elephant key fob that a few had picked up lately, he's been talking about it, so when he saw that they had it, we picked one of those up as well. While we were there, he was talking to one of the SAs and because he knew what he was talking about (calling all the purses by their appropriate name and color) she asked if he was a coach spy. Does anyone know what exactly a Coach spy is supposed to be? He was a little confused by the comment.

We then went off to check out the outlet in Locust Grove, GA since I just realized this one existed and is 45 miles closer to my house. When we got there, I found that they had the Patent Leather Pond Ergo, which I've looked at everytime I've been in an outlet store since June, marked down to $200 plus an additional 20% off. She was the only one there, so I grabbed her and carried it around. Talked with DH about it, because she really has been my "fall back" purse when outlet shopping, but it seems there is something for a better deal every time we've been. I was worried that perhaps b/c I've left her in the store 4 times before that I didn't really want her as bad as I thought, but he said that I needed to just get it. As soon as they handed it to me all wrapped up in pretty Coach tissue paper, I knew I would have regreted leaving there without her. DH also picked out the little scottie key fob today, which I think goes great with my new ergo.

So without further ado, here are the little beauties I picked up from the outlet today. It's definitely been a good labor day weekend!

Edit: I apparently can't get the images to show, so I'll try to figure it out.
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RM Love
Jun 5, 2008
Nashville, TN
Those are some great finds!!! I love that little elephant guy :smile: And I agree with the PP, most guys DO have a 5 min. Coach limit, I know mine does!


Kelly B.
Jul 7, 2008
Congrats. I wish my husband will go with me in the coach store. Maybe one day.
If he's like my husband in a Coach store, no you dont!!!
I keep begging and pleading, don't you want to sit outside and wait for me, don't you want to go to another store while I'm in here etc....I hate when he goes in w/ me because he criticizes everything I pick up. That bag is how much??? You already have a purse in that color, style etc...
It's maddening!!