My Lab Puppy

  1. She is actually much older now, but I haven't downloaded the most recent pictures of her onto my computer.

    This is Hali at 6 weeks.

    Sorry about the random arm in the first picture--that would be my boyfriend.
    Hali 2.jpg Hali1.JPG
  2. Awww, she's soo precious!:love:

    And its adorable that she has little white markings on her back toes!

    Congratulations on your puppy!
  3. She is sooooooo adorable!!

  4. What a little cute fluff!!
  5. awww!! she looks like my old dog. What a sweet little girl.
  6. Wow...what a sweetie! I wish I could have a dog, but my cats would not be able to deal with it. Half of the time, they can't even deal with each other!!
  7. She is cute.
  8. Just adorable! I grew up w/ labs...they are such wonderful dogs. I remember as a kid sleeping on the floor w/ my puppy to keep her from crying. My mom found us sound asleep wrapped in a blanket w/ both our heads on a pillow.
  9. Very cute--love the toes with the white on them. Labs seem to love everybody-they're such happy dogs.
  10. Ohhhhh...what a precious baby! How did the potty training go? LOL We're still working on our little guy...but he slept the whole night last night for the very first time. :smile:
  11. She is so cute!
  12. awww, i love labs! congrats~
  13. She is adorable!
  14. Aww, thanks everyone!

  15. Yay for sleeping through the first night--its amazing what a wonderful thing it is when you don't have to wake up to a little crying puppy.

    The potty training is fine now, although for some reason when we go the vet sometimes she gets so excited that she has a little accident, but other than that she just goes to the door and looks at you.