My Korean Rhinoplasty Journey


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Jan 21, 2023
Hi, could you please dm me your quote for nose lab and other clinics? I am going to have my nost job done at noselab in April. And I have paid the deposit. I am not sure I much I can bargin. but would like to know the discount they offer to you! Thanks a lot! My kkt id is sunnyqin
Hi! Could I dm you on kkt to ask more about your experience at ILAC? I really want to go with them but I’m nervous about the fact that they don’t have many reviews!

Has anyone else been/Is anyone else thinking of going there?
Hai, I’m thinking to go there too, but so little information, when will you going there and what kind of procedure do you want to do?


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Jan 24, 2023
Thanks so much for the detailed review! This definitely helped with narrowing down my list of clinics.

I have an in-person consultation schedule for when I go to Korea in the Fall.
I also reached out 1st Button but pretty impressed with the detailed online consultation I received so far from ILAC. It's also a plus that they do DES as I'm considering that as well.