My Kooba stinks!

  1. Hey everyone, I have a question about my Kooba. It's a suede Ginger, and I love it. I haven't been using it as much as I used to, but she's still one of my favorites.

    However, she smells terrible! I don't remember her smelling so much after I got her, but when I took her out to use her a few weeks ago I really noticed how strong the smell was. I had taken her out of the dust bag and left her in the closet for awhile, came back a few hours later and I could smell it as soon as I walked into my bedroom.

    I wish I could explain the smell, but I can't. But it isn't very good. It's too strong. Not quite skunky, but close, and definitely not the normal good smell that leather has. I had treated the bag with Apple Garde, so could that be it? I have treated other bags with the spray, including my suede Linea Pelle Equestrian hobo, and haven't had any foul odors from any other bags.

    Any ideas of how I can get rid of the smell? I'm worried that others will notice the smell when I use it. Thanks a lot!
  2. Wow, that's odd. I too have a suede Ginger but I've not noticed any strange odor. Smells just like suede ....not very strong or pungent. Perhaps it was the Appleguard combined with whatever properties are in the suede. But then again, aren't these products supposed to be safe for suede?

    Try sealing it in a large plastic ziptop bag (the bigger ones made for storage) or plastic tote with either baking soda or carbon containing cat litter. The cat litter is what finally got the strong perfume odor out of a IF bag I purchased used.

    I would *not* recommend Febreezing a suede bag.

    Good luck and update us on how it goes!
  3. ^ Maybe I'll get one of those baking soda boxes that are made for the refrigerator, and put that with the bag and seal it up for awhile? It's worth a shot. Thanks!
  4. Now that's a new one on me!!! I'm not a big "suede" girl anyway, but here to help..:tup:
    There is a product by Lovin My Bags that you're supposed to put inside a bag that stinks of cigarette smoke (haha - the bag, not the product!!!).....let me find the might want to check this out - look at the bottom of the page towards the left-hand side ("odor-out candies")...if you can't click on it, then you should contact Barbara at LMB to see what she suggests....
  5. ^ Cool, thanks for the link!
  6. Wow, that's odd! It's just the bag and nothing else around it, right? Perhaps the suede needed to breathe more? Good ideas with baking soda or cat litter...let us know how it goes!
  7. This stuff is great! I bought a vintage bag that smelled smokey, so I ordered this stuff. It works great! :tup:
  8. It's definitely the bag, you can smell it strongly if you sniff the bag itself. :confused1:

    I'm going to try the baking soda route first, and if that doesn't work then I'll try the candies.
  9. I have a camel suede Ginger and a taupe suede Devin. Neither one of them have an obnoxious smell. Really strange.